We farmwives know how to stay cool on hot summer days…and we share our know how with our kids and cows alike.

Photos Courtesy of Jent at From My Front Porch.

Sometime we just have a “day in our office” and teach our girls to do the same.

Photos Courtesy of Jent at From My Front Porch.

Sometimes we are crazy enough to hand our sons shaving cream and a hose to stay cool at a county fair…you know, the place where most of us farm families take vacation.

Photos Courtesy of Jent at From My Front Porch.

And sometimes there just isn’t enough time to get to a water park so we create our own.

And sometimes we even create a water park for our cows.

And then when it gets really hot, we pull out the trust worthy slip and slide!

 Photos Courtesy of Going Jane.
 Photos Courtesy of Going Jane.
Photos Courtesy of Going Jane.

And sometimes even when it isn’t 102 degrees in the shade we can’t keep our kids out of the water.

And sometimes, we send them off to the middle of a pond with Grandpa so we can get a break.
Photos courtesy of Megan from Gal in the Middle.

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  • Anti-Supermom

    I’m a good ol’ Iowa gal too. What fabulous pictures, makes me glad that I’ll be home for the 4th of July.

    Happy WW~


    Looks like a fabulous time! I would love to have a big farm like that!

    Following from the wordless wednesday link up. Hope you’ll stop by my blog when you have a chance :)

  • Kim

    We could use a little of your moisture around here, once we get the wheat cut. (We’re not picky about timing or anything, are we?!) Loved the photos!

  • ICStarzz

    all of these pictures are really cool! Thanks for sharing!


  • The Wife of a Dairyman

    We definitely had our slippy slide out yesterday here in California….it actually reached 80 degrees!

  • project alicia

    Fabulous lake pics. Wish I weren’t so behind. I would have told you sooner I’m having a Crazy Days of Summer photo challenge and the theme this week is water. It’s open until Wed.

  • Brigita T Alvarado Photography

    great blog – love the photos too

  • alicia

    Thanks so much for linking up your fun water pics to our Crazy Days of Summer!!