Spring brings hay, also called alfalfa. And as soon as it is ready to be chopped and put in silos or piled in large bunkers, dairy farmers have very happy cows eating something we farmers call haylage. Not sure what chopped means. Look and see…

Learn more about the farms that are providing their cows with this rich feed at Two Maids a Milking and Four Leaf Clover Tales.

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Leah from Beyer Beware

I am strong willed, ambitious, over-committed, and loud. Let’s face it, I am loud. My husband and I struggle with work-life balance with 2 elementary school aged kids and four farm and ag-related


  • Leontien

    Those are gonna be some happy cows when they see all this great food!

    Thanks Leah!

  • Amy @ Two Maids a Milking

    Our friend Phil took that top photo from his airplane – thought it was really cool!!! We are in fact chopping hay TODAY!

  • Lana

    We are mowing waterways and a pasture today! Never had a chance to do that until August last year! Hope everyone is finding their way back out to dried fields to start the planters, choppers, mowers, and balers going. Here’s to all farmers rolling this week!