There is never really a slow time of year on the family farm and summer is no different especially when you had a wet spring and delayed planting season like many of our farms experienced this year.  So besides still trying to get all caught up from planting season, there is a lot to do this time of year.

Wheat harvest has come and gone for many of our family farms in the last week.  

We’re in the middle of county fair season which is a favorite time of year for many if not all of us.  So if you still need more for your fair fix be sure to check out Jean’s Boots for an amazing review of her county’s fair week and  Wag ‘n Tales for their first experiences as a 4-H family.  FenceRow to FenceRow will also take you right back to your fashion revue days if you were a former 4-Her.  And in case you missed it, From my Front Porch tells you all about her show cattle’s pedicures.   

And if this isn’t enough to keep you busy, our good friend the Dairyman even released a new Moo Tube Minute which combined with those great FAQs our pals at Two Maids a Milking will be sure to give you all you need to know about the dairy industry and since July is National Ice Cream Month what perfect timing.  

What’s keeping you busy these days?

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