I’m guessing we all know someone with cancer.
Someone who suffered.
Someone who survived.
Someone who fought hard.
Someone who showed grace.
Someone who went through testing.
Someone who went through treatments.
Someone who found strength.
Someone who found solitude.
Well today one of our Farmwives who has survived cancer in the past has reported that the cancer has come back. Leontien over at Four Leaf Clover Tales, is up against another battle with cancer, but this time she has the help of her fellow Real Farmwives of America to support her and get her though. You see, today the Farmwives are celebrating a Love for Leontien Day.

Throughout the day you will see the Farmwives blog posts, facebook updates and twitter postings all to bring encouragement to Leontien. Look for the two badges on this page to be in their blog posts. 

But we also want to encourage all of you to join us in helping spread the love. If you have some helpful words, a poem, motivational quote or just want to wish Leontien well please feel free to visit her blog, or like the Love for Leontien facebook page. Or if your on twitter feel free to include #power2panties in your tweet as we’re sure Leontien will see it and feel the love and support of the Farmwives Following.

And if you’ll recall last week we gave away a Fire Pit from Avant Garden.  Well the winning entry has been selected and the owner of a new Fire Pit is……
Entry #24 Jen Stewart Burton. 
Congratulations Jen!  We will be in touch to get you for Fire Pit.

Ott, A from "a Latte' with Ott, A"

Author of the blog; a Latte' with Ott, A drinking farm girl, baker, canner, gardener, home decorator, shoe lover, boilermaker fan and lOTTs more. Married to Ott, E and a mom of two.


  • Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

    Lots of love for Leontien here – I’ve been a follower of her blog for quite some time, and she writes the most wonderful stories (and interesting recipes!)

  • Leontien

    First off: THANK YOU LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are truly truly AMAZING!!!!

    Second: Congrats Jen on winning the Fire Pit!

    big big hugs

  • Cheri back to larkrise

    I echo Love for Leontien, What a truly interesting person.Leontien is such a gifted writer and she has inspired me to enjoy a glass of milk with a new appreciation. Farmwives work Hard! Hugs to Leontien from Cheri

  • geetlee

    I would love to have a button for my blog. Do let me know if there is a way. I can’t seem to find it here.
    I’ve liked the facebook page and will show my support for sure! Leontien is very special and so inspiring to me :)

  • M.j.

    I am not new but Two Maids a Milking sent me…

  • Martha

    I’m new here :) came over from Two Maids a Milking!

  • apple blossom

    I’m a gfc and two maids a milking sent me over

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Rhonda

    Two Maids a Milking sent me over. I am not new to your blog as I have been following for a while.

  • Suzanne McClendon

    I’m a farm wife at heart, still waiting to be one for real. I’m praying for you, Leontien! I’ve just sent a tweet out for you. May Our Father bless you with a long, happy, healthy, c-free life!