There was frost in our neck of the woods this past weekend, and as the temperatures continue to get colder the closer we get to winter, Farmwives tend to change their dress accordingly.  When the snow flakes start to fall, work on the farm still continues and wearing the proper outdoor clothing can greatly help while working in the elements.

Today some of the farmwives are showing off their Carhartt overalls and we have a pair to give-a-way to one of our readers.  So lets check in on some of the Farmwives and see how their Carhartts are keeping them warm and productive on cold days.

Lana from Walking the Off-Beaten Path was helping harvest horizontal corn in her Sandstone, Quilt Lined Bib Overalls.  Don’t know what horizontal corn is???  Well click on over to her blog and she will tell you all about it.

Jen over at From my Front Porch wore her overalls to wash out the hog barn.  It’s a tough job, but we know this farmwife can get it done in her Carhartts.

Val from Wag n’Tales wears her purple Carhartt bibs to help cover up the silage pile on their North Dakota Farm. 

Ann and her dog Zeus from the blog Butterflies, Gourds & More show off her waterproof overall pants which are great on rainy days.

To win a pair of Carhartt bib overalls for yourself, click on the read more link below within this blog post to access the widget to enter the contest.

Big thanks to Carhartt for working with the Real Farmwives of America & Friends for the past few weeks and allowing us to show off how we use Carhartts on our farms.  To learn more about Carhartt products be sure to check out their website, facebook and twitter (@Carhartt) accounts. 

Ott, A from "a Latte' with Ott, A"

Author of the blog; a Latte' with Ott, A drinking farm girl, baker, canner, gardener, home decorator, shoe lover, boilermaker fan and lOTTs more. Married to Ott, E and a mom of two.


  • M.j.

    Wow these would be fantastic in the Winter. We have a huge driveway and walkways that need clearing and I never have anything warm to wear.We have cold snowy winter’s here in Ohio…thanks so much…

  • Heather G

    Awesome! I need a pair of these as I have just taken over the evening calf feeding! Winter is fast approaching here in Michigan!

  • Dani

    I definitely need to consider a pair of these. Last winter I “got away” with not helping with the outdoor yard work because I was pregnant..this year, no excuses!

  • Anonymous

    Wow!! These bibs would be fantastic!!! I help my husband snowplow in the winter and the poor old jeans I’m usually in get soaked (and frozen) on most winter days. I’ve been looking for flannel lined for my husband who suffers terribly from arthritis in his knees as well. Maybe Carhartt has such a thing? Both would help keep us doing what we’re doing up here in Northeastern Pa.
    Nancy Narma

  • Carolyn

    I don’t have a pair of carhartt overalls but my husband used them for downhill skiing last year!

  • Anonymous

    I am seldom without my carhartt overalls during the long and cold SD winter. I never leave home without them; I wear them on the ranch and when I go to the town job.


  • Pamela

    I have a pair of womens’ overalls currently, but would love a new pair. We have a cow/calf operation so I help where needed. Plus driving to work in the ND winters I always throw my bibs in the back seat of the pickup.


  • ShineyAim

    I love to shovel snow in the winter…I know crazy, right? It’s just so relaxing and great exercise. Carhartt overalls would keep me warm for hours!

  • Anonymous

    My daughter has asked for a pair for Christmas! Ice fishing, snowmobiling, to pack in her car for the winter…just a few of the things she wants them for.

  • Anonymous

    Opps…needed an id!

    My daughter has asked for a pair for Christmas! Ice fishing, snowmobiling, to pack in her car for the winter…just a few of the things she wants them for.

  • Courtney Hanson

    So many uses…..MUCH snow shoveling to ice fishing to outdoor skating rinks to being able to stand the cold while grain trucks are being loaded!

  • Rhonda

    I would mostly be hunting and clearing snow from driveway and walkways.

  • Anonymous

    Mostly shoveling and riding snowmobiles.
    The Carhart bibs are even warmer than the ones I purchased at a Snowmobile Dealership.

  • Gracie

    I would use these while kidding the goats, who always have kids during the stormiest part of winter!

  • Kelly M. Rivard

    I need a new set of Carhartts. The ones I have are hand-me-downs from when my brother was younger; they don’t fit the best, but I haven’t been able to afford new ones for a few years because of college. They’re especially important now that my parents have moved to their new property! 23 acres of woods, meadow, yard, and farmland to take care of, and my stepdad has developed back problems. I’ll need to keep extra warm when I go home over Christmas break and on weekends during the winter to help them take care of the place!

  • Anonymous

    Everything! Why freeze when you got these?

  • Sue D

    I would use these to take care of the animals (goats and chickens) in the winter.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  • Jessica

    These would definitely be useful when I need to go outside and help shovel out the driveway so my husband can get up it when he gets home from snowplowing. They would also would be warm when I am laying in the snow making snow angels with my kids!


  • Anonymous

    I would love these for hunting, and for something warm to go out with the kids, maybe I could handle making a whole snowman in one outing!!

  • Katie M

    I would love a new pair of overalls! Then I wouldn’t have to borrow my sister-in-law’s every winter when I help my husband on the farm :)

  • Anonymous

    I would love a new pair of overalls– in addition to growing corn, soybeans, alfalfa and wheat, we have a dairy replacement heifer operation and raise the calves from 1 week old – 7 months pregnant so there is always a lot to do! :) During the winter months, the hours of chorese don’t change but it does make it harder to get up and get moving when the temperature dips below 0! I was pregnant last winter so I got out of calf chores, but this year there isn’t an excuse so they will keep me warm helping out the hubby! :)

  • Patty Ann

    Oh, these look great! Warm and comfortable. That is my idea of the way to prepare for winter!


    Although I’m living in the big city these days, I’m a rural girl who works at the farm every weekend! Also – in college – one of my friends stole my carhartts and I’ve never had the opportunity to replace them!

  • katerichter13

    My Carhartts ripped last year trudging through snow to feed cattle! I could really use a new pair! Plus I’m getting married in April and really want a hayride. I’ve told everyone that if there is still snow on my wedding day (which in MN there probably will be,) that i will just put on carhartts under my dress and throw on my carhartt jacket and be ready to go!

  • Nikki

    Sure would come in handy in the cold Ohio winters, especially with a late harvest!

  • fromheelstoboots

    I am outside helping ship cattle everyday, so I would LOVE a pair of Carhartt overalls to keep me warm!

  • Home on the Range Exchange

    I could use a “town” pair for running errands or going to cattle auctions where you wanna look 1/2 way presentable.

  • teresa

    My mom has a pair of these and loves them! I could also use a pair for when I help with the chores on our family farm. It gets very cold up here in Manitoba and these would definitely come in handy in the winter!

  • Karen L

    My last pair of carhartt overalls are getting worn out and I could use a new pair. This was the first harvest in a LOOOONNNGGGG time that I only had to wear my carhartt vest as outerwear. Next year when harvest comes around I plan to get my son’s girlfriend a pink carhartt vest. She borrowed mine this fall when she road in the truck with him. Maybe next year she will be more than a girlfriend.

  • Anita

    I have a pair but I lost a lot of weight this year and now everything is to big. So would love a new pair in a smaller size!

  • FarmerShil

    I would proudly wear a new pair of Carhart coveralls everyday in the winter feeding cows. When you work outside in the cold, it’s a lot more enjoyable if you can stay warm, and that’s what a good pair of coveralls will do for you! Plus I would love to get a new pair that would actually fit me!

  • Becky

    It would have been nice to have a pair of bibs last night. We live in PA where the “huge storm that hit the east coast” was. At our home we had electric but 4 miles away where my husbands entire family, including his 86 yr old grandfather and our 3 and 4 yr old niece and nephew live, were without power ALL day. Would have been ok but then the sun went down and it got cold. my hasband and I had to go over and pull out the tractor and genarator to get power back on for everyone. It took alittle time and it was a pretty cold out…wish I had a pair of bibs to keep me warm while we were out helping the family. ~Becky @