It is time to officially celebrate pork as October is National Pork Month.  
As you know we have a few pig farmers in our ranks so we thought we would celebrate the pig and pork during the month of October.  Between our In the Kitchen Tuesday posts and Farmer Fridays post, we will feature pork recipes and how pigs our raised on our family farms during the month of October.  
Do you have any particular types of recipes you’d like to see?
Do you have specific questions you’d like us to answer on how we raise our pigs?
Please let us know and we will do our best to get your questions answered during National Pork Month AKA Porktober.

Heather from 3 kids and lots of pigs

I'm a sweet tea drinking, Disney World loving, church going, full-time working, soccer mom of 3 that is proud to be raising the 5th generation of future pig, corn, and soybean farmers.