Brrr…. there has been a crispness in the air here lately and I even saw frost on the rooftop yesterday morning.  Days like this where we are transitioning from summer to fall I sometimes forget to grab my coat on the way out the door.  But thanks to Carhartt the Farmwives will be well dressed this fall and winter in products to help them accomplish what they need to do in their daily routines.  Each week this month the Farmwives will be showing off various Carhartt products that they received and we will be giving one away on this site.  Be sure to check in each Monday to see what the Farmwives are up to in their Carhartt’s and sign up for your chance to win one.

This week we are showing off some lighter weight jackets.

Going Jane, our Rodeo Mama, wore her Carhartt while working as Secretary in the annoucers stand for the Rodeo in Marietta, Ohio.

The South Dakota Farmwife wears her Carhartt while doing chores on their farm.  Check out what all she is doing on Stories of a First Generation Farm Wife

Amy from Two Maids a Milking wears her Carhartt while getting their farm ready to open for their October Corn Maze and Straw Bale Mountain.

Big D & Little D: Who is the Grown Up? likes the fact that there are lots of pockets on her coat and on the inside she can keep a bottle of water in one, to stay hydrated while she is out working.

The Wife of a Dairyman uses her waterproof Carhartt while working in her garden.

Much Ado About Lou wore her jacket to the Persimmon Festival this year and looked quite trendy while riding the rides with her niece and nephew.

The Hoosier Farm Babe is warm and quite fashionable while feeding her Jersey heifers in her coal colored Skyline Carhartt Jacket.

We are please to have Carhartt Waterproof Jacket to give away to one of our lucky readers.  Simply click on the Rafflecopter widget below to enter this giveaway.   To learn more about Carhartt’s quality products you can check out their website, facebook and twitter accounts.

Ott, A from "a Latte' with Ott, A"

Author of the blog; a Latte' with Ott, A drinking farm girl, baker, canner, gardener, home decorator, shoe lover, boilermaker fan and lOTTs more. Married to Ott, E and a mom of two.


  • Rhonda

    I can’t tell you if any of my Dad’s jackets were Carhatts or not. Same for Grandfather that was a farmer. What I can tell you is that my 2 sons love theam and my husband won’t wear anything but a Carhartt jacket, coat, or coveralls! I would love to have one of my own!

  • Rhonda

    I don’t tweet or I would be doing more. I have trouble keeping up with what I do now. Love your blog and all the farmwives!

  • Anonymous

    wow would I luv to win this jacket! since my husband is in the field I’m doing the chores here on the farm and could enjoy that jacket as the mornings r pretty cool out there!

  • Erin H

    Love that Carhartt is fitting women now. It may just be time to retire my old torn coat from high school in favor of one that is a bit more lady like. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  • M.j.

    My first memory of wearing a carhartt is of wearing my husbands. I still do … and I borrow it way too much…

  • Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

    I would love to win one of these. My husband uses the Carhartt coveralls and they are so toasty!

  • pearlsnapsponderings

    I absolutely love Carhartt! I own a lot of their womens clothes and outerwear. It’s great stuff.

  • lowercase letters

    probably wore carhartt for the first time by wearing my dad’s jacket. he’s a tough guy and works hard in the mud. i do believe that one day it was cold, maybe rainy, and he let me wear it when i was working with him as a little tike.
    excited about this giveaway because i LOVE carhartt!

  • Jamie May

    I love my Carhartt bibs–wear them all winter, at cattle shows, doing chores–they are just the warmth I need!

  • Beth Bakke Stenehjem

    I remember my dad wearing Carhartt bibs all the time on the farm. He was such a skinny guy that it was the only thing that kept him warm. I appreciate the support Carhartt has for the FFA. Our state officers every year get Carhartt jackets.

  • TexWisGirl

    Wife of a Dairyman sent me over! I’ve never owned a Carhartt! But I’ve read about them on a hunting/fishing blog or two and would LOVE to own one! Would help out a ton this winter around the acreage and while doing barn chores! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Rickreallfarmer

    I have to say, I used to be a city girl….and I didnt even know what Carhartts were. For the last six years I have been living on my husbands family farm, and Carhartts have become part of my daily life! Mostly washing them for my husband! Lol. I also have changed my major to Ag Science, and become active in American Agri-Women. Life changing! Yea for Carhartt for making womens products too!

  • Suz and Allan

    My first Carhartt memory is wearing my grandfather’s shirt and I had to keep pushing up the sleeves since it was too big for me. He passed away 12 years ago and I still have that shirt. I wear it sometimes and always think of him!

  • Kim

    Carhartts are the coveralls of choice during the winter months around here.

  • K-Koira

    A good jacket is always hard to find, but the best ones last for years and are totally worth it!

  • Jill

    Love my husband’s Carhartt jacket! So comfy :)

  • ShineyAim

    Growing up on a farm in Minnesota it was cool to wear my Dad’s Carhart jacket. It was were comfortable and warm! Thanks Mom for buying a great jacket (my Dad never shopped for himself). lol

  • Becky

    My first pair of carharts coveralls were bought for me by my husband for christmas when we first started dating. He said that I would need a pair to wear when helping on the farm since I am ALWAYS freezing. THey are the best ever! I stay so warm and dry!

  • Brandy

    Love carharts but always had to steal the jacket from my dad or brother. I would love my own for the barn!

  • Deb

    My husband got his first pair of Carhartt pants right after we quit our “day jobs” and moved full time to our farm and vineyard. I love him in those pants!

  • messingashley

    My life simply isn’t complete without my Carhartt’s! As a dairy farmer I need me bibs, vets and jackets :)

  • Lona

    Honestly? I suppose my dad wore carhartts when he took care of his brood cows after coming home from his teaching job.


    I live on a Wisconsin dairy farm, therefor I live in Carhartt! I really like the new styles!

  • Meghan

    my first boyfriend had a carhartt jacket. He’s long gone but I’ve still got great memories of him in that jacket :)

    immortalb4 at gmail dot com

  • Barb

    My husband was a farmer, a fisherman, and a hunter, he always wore Carhartt. He’s gone now and this widow needs Carhartt to keep her warm in these cold winters of north central Ohio.

  • Sue D

    We just bought a piece of land a few years ago and that is when we both bought Carhartt winter coats to take care of the animals in the winter–so glad we did!

  • Denise

    My husband had a Carhartt while we were dating. It was very warm!

  • Sunnie

    I love a man in Carhartts, I think it shows hes a hard worker! My husband has some Carhartt overalls.

  • eclairre

    I havent worn a carhartt ! This is my first hearing of them.

  • christina l

    I used to wear my dads to run out and feed the cats when i was little. It was so big on me that it would drag the ground in the snow. He finally bought me my own!

  • City Life to Ranching Wife

    I need more Carhartt in my life! Please pick me!!

  • Rachel

    Even if I don’t win the giveaway, I’m hoping to see these in the Big Country Store at the NAILE!


    I got my first Carhartt (it was maroon!) when I was in middle school when I started showing livestock in FFA. It had our chapter name embroidered on the back, and a Hereford calf embroidered on the front. Still have it to this day, although it’s close to worn out.

  • Emily @ Zweber Family Farm

    My first memories were wearing my Dad’s Carhartt bibs while chopping wood for my parents’ house in the winter. The legs where rolled up several times. My parents had a wood burning stove until I was a senior in high school. When I first started dating Tim I wore his old raggy bibs until 6 years later, when I became official (both as a wife and as a Zweber Farms employee). That next Christmas I received my first pair of new bibs!

  • Joyce Chatman

    I grew up on a farm and my dad wore the Carhartt Coveralls. My sister is a boilermaker and this is her daily work clothes.

  • Laura moser

    One of the first gifts my husband ( a dairy farmer ) gave me was a red carhartt. He said I was going to need it! He was right. Now our whole family including our three kids all have carhartts. It is a favorite Christmas gift for them!

  • Lori Deyoe

    I remember getting a purple carhartt coat when I was in jr high. I wore it EVERYWHERE! School, livestock judging, work! Love it and would love to have another one!

    Lori Deyoe

  • Modern Country Chicks

    I LOVE Carhartt! Last year was a Carhartt Christmas for my whole family! Everyone got a jacket, the guys got hats and sweatshirts..I wanted this exact jacket for some time now and told my boyfriend about it, and instead he got me a Northface :( although they are nice…I LOVE Carhartt!!! This is such a GREAT giveaway!! Someone is going to be VERY Lucky!!!

  • Denise

    LOVE Carhartt! Hope I can have a girly coat to go with all my boys. My husband is in construction and we also farm, only carhartt holds up to what he demands in a coat.

  • apple blossom

    never heard of Carhartt before. But I’d love to win a jacket thanks

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  • M.j.

    Shared the giveaway on my facebook wall with the

  • Anonymous

    Love Carhartt! Have worn their products for many years! Dawn ~ ~

  • Julie

    My husband has been wearing Carhartt’s jackets for years….he bought me a red one several years which I love

  • Julie

    My husband has been wearing Carhartt’s jackets for years….he bought me a red one several years which I love

  • trish lawson

    I really need to go thru and sort out my carhart jackets. We (the fam damily) wear em in the barn, camping, when herding cattle, when splitting wood. and even to high school games. Problem is i need to part with some of the oldy but goodies….they just never wear out!

  • Diane Clavel

    The first time I heard of Carhart was when my son was working construction and he asked for coveralls.

  • Nathan Miller

    My first memories of Carhartt’s was when my pops took me hunting. Two weeks before I was sent to go out hunting in the stand with him the first time. He took me out to the garage and had something in a bag and told me to look in it. It was a brand new brown winter carhartt jacket! I was so stoked, and I still have and WARE it to this day

  • Gigi

    My first experience with Carhartt was wearing my 6’2″ boyfriends’ coveralls. Being that I am much shorter it was quite an experience. But I sure was warm!

  • Danica@boilermomof3

    I don’t think I knew of the brand Carhartt until I moved to Indiana and started dating a farmer. Now he’s my husband of 10 years and this remains his brand of choice for all his work gear. He looks manly, rugged, and put-together all at the same time. When we had our first son, I realized they made Carhartt overalls for little guys! They’re indestructible, and that’s saying a lot in my husband’s line of work. After staring at a closet of his Carhartt gear, I’d love nothing more than to have my very own Carhartt jacket.

  • Becky

    Husband has the coveralls for the MN winters!