I’ve been hearing and reading some about tomorrow being designated “Food Day” and we are supposed to think about our food and talk about it and consider where it comes from and how it was raised. I think it is an interesting concept. In fact, I will say that is what this blog and the blogs of the Real Farmwives and Friends of America are all about. All of the ladies involved in what we refer to as “RFOA” have some role in agriculture, better known as farming, but what I like to call food production. And the best part about these ladies is that we talk about it on our blogs, Facebook pages and tweet about it on Twitter. You can visit our blogs by clicking on the “Meet the Girls” link at the top of this blog. I wanted to highlight my favorite posts from each of these blogs but I’m posting via my iPad tonight and linking and posting photos is just too difficult with a slow connection, so I’ll let you explore and decide which posts are your favorites. Enjoy!

Megan from Gal in the Middle

I'm a middle child (2nd of four girls) living in Middle America (Indiana to be exact) approaching middle age (35 is here) always in the middle of doing something (finishing is the hard part).