I’m excited to bring you another installment of RFOA’s Saturday Book Club! Yes, it is still Saturday for another 20 minutes…

This week’s recommendation is from Casey, the daughter of Jent over at From My Front Porch.

Take it away, Casey…

Casey, a Real Farmgirl of America

Looking for a book to read in those hours in the grain cart, or on your fall/winter break?

Cobwebs, Critters ‘n Coveralls is a book that most of us can relate to, and laugh at! This can be for your 13-year-old, or for light reading for anybody who has a sense of humor.

D.D. Dunn tells stories about life on a run-down farm in Illinois in the sixties. Learn not to fret about life’s setbacks, but to sit back and chuckle. You think your life is embarrassing and terrible? Read her story.

This book taught me how to laugh at life’s little flaws, not to obsess about them. With her funny little chapter-stories this book is easy to put down, but easier to pick right back up!

Funny short stories fill this book with laughter, humor, and all around truth.

Note: I looked this book up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and both had used copies for sale.

Megan from Gal in the Middle

I'm a middle child (2nd of four girls) living in Middle America (Indiana to be exact) approaching middle age (35 is here) always in the middle of doing something (finishing is the hard part).