Hugs and love to Miss Megan over at Gal in the Middle for sharing her Buckeye Brownies with me! If you haven’t already, go check them out….they look FABULOUS!!

In fact, they looked SO good that I decided to keep in the same brownie theme and even in the same Gooseberry Patch cookbook when I visited Gooseberry Patch’s online recipe box….

So here from their Almost Homemade cookbook are super simple and delicious Rocky Road Brownies!

Almost Homemade Cookbook
Wouldn’t this make a great Christmas gift? Hint, hint!

These were soooo easy to make and even easier to devour!

Just like the snowball cookies we made last week, we made a double batch to share with our dairy farming neighbors. Miss Renee has a long road to recovery after having one of heir cows slip and FALL on her arm!! So we’re happy to share some of our holiday goodies with them!

Here’s all you’ll need for a single batch:

So easy you probably have it all in your pantry!

  • 19.5 oz. brownie mix (my new fave brownies from Dove Chocolate Discoveries are back ordered! So I made to with a megabatch from Sam’s Club)
  • Ingredients for brownie mix 
  • 2 cups mini marshmallows, divided 
  • 12 ounces semi sweet chocolate chips ( I jazzed mine up a little for the holidays here and used dark chocolate baking bits from Dove Chocolate Discoveries filled with MINT!!) 
These yummy bits of heaven are real Dove dark chocolate—with mint inside!! Available exclusively through Dove Chocolate Discoveries. Click the photo for more information

Simply mix your brownie mix as directed and spread into a 9×13 pan.

Pretty much anyone can mix up brownies, right?

Sprinkle half of the marshmallows….

Starting to look good…

And half of the chocolate chips/baking bits across the top. Bake as directed.

Looking even better!

After removing from the oven, sprinkle with the remaining marshmallows….

Can you see that yummy toasted marshmallow underneath?

And chocolate chips/baking bits.

And just LOOK at that yummy chocolate!!

Let cool completely before cutting and serving. The touch of mint was FABULOUS and made them a little more “festive” for the holidays.

Here they are, all cut and ready to serve…a plate of ooey-gooey-minty deliciousness!

My family loved them, and I’m sure yours will, too…year round! I’m already planning my next batch using peanut butter filled baking bits….yum!

Doesn’t that sound heavenly? Peanut butter right in your baking bits? Click the photo for more info…

Besides sharing a pan with my neighbors, I’m also excited to virtually share these special treats with none other than Miss Cris over at Goodeness Gracious! Since she has little Miss Add & her Goode Old Boy, I thought these would be a perfect family-friendly treat to share.

And don’t forget….there’s still time to share your favorite cookie recipe for the holidays or check our everyone else’s favorites at our In the Cookie Kitchen pinky party going on right now! And YOU might even be the lucky winner of a Gooseberry Patch cookie cookbook!

Cris from GOODEness Gracious

The mama cooking up all kinds of GOODe things on GOODEness Gracious and changing her family's life on As Goode As It Gets. Ag runs in her roots and she is proud to count so many farmers her friend.


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