Farmer Fridays

We are so excited about our “reboot” that we launched on Monday.  There are many reasons for this excitement, but one of the biggest is a new element to our Farmer Fridays features.


You might have noticed on our new home page that we have a map of the United States.  This is our Meet a Farmer map where you will eventually be able to click on a state to learn about farmers from that state.  I say eventually because it is going to take us some time to feature farmers from all over the country, but we are excited to introduce you to our fellow farmers from all over the country.


So Farmer Fridays will now give up the opportunity to feature fellow farmers and share with you some of the happenings on our family farms.  We hope you will enjoy this.

As we go forward, are there any particular questions you would like for us to answer?

Heather from 3 kids and lots of pigs

I'm a sweet tea drinking, Disney World loving, church going, full-time working, soccer mom of 3 that is proud to be raising the 5th generation of future pig, corn, and soybean farmers.