“I am passionate about being a farmer, a wife, and a mom! But, as a leader it’s my responsibility to share that passion!”

-~Malissa Schentzel

Almost two years ago, I met Malissa.   The minute we met, I knew we would become life long friends and our joint passion for agriculture could not be ignored.


Malissa is an amazing mom, wife, and sheep farmer from Minnesota.

Her love for agriculture began at an early age thanks to the influence of her parents, 4-H, and FFA.  Malissa and her husband, Ken, are passionate about sharing that love for agriculture with their children through similar and new experiences.


Malissa and Ken’s small family farm, Little Acres Livestock, prides itself on bringing their customers in the Twin Cities area the best lamb and pork they have ever tasted. They chose to raise their children on a farm because that’s how they were raised.  And each day, they work to care for and raise animals together.  They pride themselves on giving customers a product that is second-to-none and that starts from the day our animals are born.  It’s a responsibility their family takes seriously.   Malissa told me “it’s a responsibility we’re passionate about.  We love living on the farm.”  In addition to the family farm, Ken and Malissa both work full-time off the farm in agriculture related jobs.

Malissa and Ken are passionate about sharing their farm story.  Per Malissa, “I’m a mom and just like any mother we want the best for our children.  That’s why I am involved with agriculture.  I want my kids to have the opportunity to return to the farm one day, if they choose. In order to ensure the that agriculture and farming remain strong, I know that I need to share my story.  An added bonus is that when our children see us passionate about something they understand the importance of getting involved.  I saw it in my parents.  And I want my kids to grow-up seeing it too.”


When I asked Malissa what was one thing she wanted everyone to know about their farm and agriculture in general, she responded with the following:  “Farms come in all different sizes, some big and some small.   Size doesn’t determine whether or not it’s a family farm.  In fact, nearly 98 percent of all farms in the United States are family farms.  As a consumer, I value the ability to have choices when I go into the grocery store.  Same is true for farming.  Farmers need to have the ability to choose the size of farm that’s right for them and their families.”

To be honest, I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Thanks for sharing your passion with us, Malissa!


What’s your passion?

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  • Lana from Walking the Off-Beaten Path

    Awesome video and great story! We have a Minnesota family in our county who brought their dairy in a couple of years back. LOVE them and all the passion and dedication they bring to our 4-H and FFA programs! They have become valued friend of our family. Thanks for sharing your story and family with us Malissa!