Meals on the Go


May is a busy, busy month. Schools are getting out. Spring sports are starting. And for many of the Real Farmwives and Friends, planting season is in full swing.

Whether it’s spending the day at the ballpark or spending the day in the fields, the question remains the same…What do you feed your hungry family?

Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around helping my mom wrap hot ham and cheese sandwiches in foil, adding a plastic bag of chips, an apple and some cookies to a plastic grocery bag and taking it to the field where my dad was busy planting.

Sometimes I even got to stay and ride a round or two while Mom headed to a different field to drop off supper (that’s what we call the evening meal) to my uncle who was also busy working. (Check out how one Real Farmwife delivers meals to the field.)

I also remember my mom struggling two or three weeks into the planting (and harvest) season to come up with something different to send out to my dad and uncle. I’m sure if she had the Internet, blogs and Pinterest at her fingertips back then, she’d have found inspiration galore!

So in her honor, here are some great recipes from my fellow Real Farmwives & Friends that are tested and have been given the thumbs up by their farmer and their children!

While I tend to think of “on the go” food as sandwiches, This Farm Family’s Life has converted me with this yummy casserole.

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Hungry Jack Casserole from This Farm Family’s Life

And what about the younger, cooler cousin of the sandwich…The Wrap.


Turkey Wrap from Walking the Off-Beaten Path

On the next one, she mentions an alternative so if you aren’t a sauerkraut fan, don’t immediately bypass this one!


Quick & Easy Reuben Wraps from Pinke Post

Warm sandwiches are always a huge hit, both in tractor cab and at the ball diamond. Just wrap them in some foil and pack them in a cooler (maybe with one of those Pyrex heat packs) and they should stay warm (maybe not all day…).


Italian Beef in a Bucket from 3 Kids & Lots of Pigs

Picture 464

Poppy Seed Ham Sammies from Beyer Beware

What are some of your favorite on-the-go meal options?

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