Springtime means that it’s baby time on our farm. We raise beef cattle, and we want all our calves to be born in the spring (spring calving). We hope that by the time the moms start having their babies the weather has warmed up and dried out a little bit, and then the calves have the entire summer to play and grow. Some farms will calve in the fall instead of the spring, and then their calves are ready to sell to another farmer around the time ours are ready to be born.

Last spring I had a great time watching our ladies have their babies. And I caught a bunch of it on film! This proud mama just gave birth to this cutie-pie bull (boy) calf.

newborn Angus calf

Cows are very curious animals. While that cow was having her baby, some of the other cows and calves watched from the top of the hill.  They wanted to know when they could go visit the new addition to the family!

watchful family

Shortly after the baby was born, one of his new brothers came down to say hi.


Then the boss cow of the herd came to check out the new baby.

boss cow checkup

A few days later, I was able to capture another of the cows giving birth on video! (This is a teeny bit graphic, but it is certainly the miracle of life!)

And here’s that heifer (girl calf), meeting her mama for the first time!

brand new baby calf

There is nothing more fun than watching a newborn calf learn to take her first steps and figure out how to nurse. That all happens within about 30 minutes of being born!

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