I LOVE this time of year! School is out, we have the whole summer ahead of us AND it’s 4-H Baking season!! If you are, were or ever have been involved in the 4-H Baking project – you know that your summer is ‘named’ based on that year’s project. You see, here in Indiana – our 4-H program guidelines tell us what to bake that year. For example, a beginning 4-H member (3rd grader) will exhibit cookies at the 4-H fair. So, all 3rd graders across the State make cookies and then they are all judged against each other. The 4th graders make muffins, 5th graders cakes and so on! We always laughed in my house growing up because my dad couldn’t wait for the “Summer of Yeast Rolls!”  We also had the “Summer of Pies” which was another good one!!

So, this summer in my house – we are in the midst of  the “Summer of No Bake Cookies” (my 1st grader) and the “Summer of Snickerdoodles” (my 3rd grader)!




The GREAT thing about learning how to bake through the 4-H Program, is that it teaches you how to do it the right way – measure ingredients properly, follow a recipe, make consistent and uniform product and even give demonstrations to show others how to bake!



And, of course the BEST part – to celebrate our finished products!!



So, here’s to OUR “Summer of Cookies!!”

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  • Lana from Walking the Off-Beaten Path

    Dang! I was hoping you would share a muffin recipe! Time for our oldest and I to get in the kitchen and try out muffin recipes we’ve gathered to see which one will make it to the fair. Hope I don’t shoot my “healthy eating plan” (a.k.a DIET) all to heck in the next few weeks! Great pics!