I’m sure we have all been to a “Ready to Pop” themed baby shower where the expecting mom shows off her growing belly while hanging on to balloons and a lollipop.  Maybe you’ve seen candy bars full of “pop” rocks and “pop” tarts and cake “pops”. Well today I am sharing with you Popcorn focused “Ready to Pop” Shower.  The red, white and yellow colors of this shower are great if you need a gender neutral theme, and the popcorn alone is a fun new way to celebrate this theme. For invites I did a picture of the mom-to-be eating popcorn and set the fonts on the card to look like a movie poster with “Ready to Pop” being the name of the movie. We had cute wording like: Coming Soon to a Nursery Near You and 9 Months in the Making.
For decorations I used red and white striped popcorn bowls that I found at the dollar store and in some of the bowls I put yellow and white tissue paper (which I also found at the dollar store) to look like popcorn. For 4 centerpieces it cost me $3 and I had plenty of tissue paper left over for other things. Then in other popcorn bowls I bought yellow and white onesies that I rolled up and stuffed inside to look like popcorn and then the mom-to-be could take those home with her to use.
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Every shower needs a diaper cake so to match our theme I made a two tiered round cake and then wrapped it with red streamers to look like a tub of popcorn. I then printed off circular signs that said Pop Corn to stick on the ends. Then to finish it off I used yellow and white balloons and yellow and white tissue paper and stuck those on top to look like popcorn.
diaper cake
Lastly, to add some fun to this party we had a popcorn bar with 5 different fun flavors of popcorn for guest to enjoy while they mingled. I used red and white bowls (again from the dollar store) yellow scoops and then found these adorable red and white striped bags for guests to put their popcorn in just like they were at a fair or carnival. Little table tents labeled the different flavors of popcorn and with options like Oreo Popcorn and Jalapeno Cheddar there was lots of sampling and conversation going on around this bar.
popcorn bar
This party could also be great if you wanted to add a little Hollywood to your theme by setting around some movie board clappers and gold stars. You could call the food area “Consessions”.  And for games you could play off of movies with baby in the title or guess the celebrity baby name. There are lots of easy ideas to give your “Ready to Pop” shower a fun twist on this commonly used theme.

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