Thanksgiving is right around the corner and every parent knows sometimes you need something to keep your toddlers busy while you entertain holiday guests or get dinner ready for the table.  So here is a festive Turkey Day Project for your little ones.  A felt turkey that your toddlers can place the feathers on.  I’ve got ideas for how to use this decoration for kids of all ages so lets get started with how I made the gobbler!


A quick trip to the craft store, and for $2.00 you can pick up 8 pieces of felt.  I selected colors that were traditional colors you’d see in a Tom Turkey, but you could get as creative as you wanted.  Then I set out to make the body of the Turkey using a dark brown color.  I folded a piece of felt in half and rounded the corners off the top.  Next I used a tupperware lid as a pattern for the head of my turkey.  Then I used a plain piece of felt to glue the body and head onto. This would also serve as a place for feathers to be stuck to and you could make this as big as you wanted.

Turkey 1

Now, for the feathers I took a piece of felt and folded it in thirds.  Then I just cut out a feather like shape.  And then cut the three pieces apart.  (I made three feathers per piece of felt and a total of 15 feathers all together, but you could make as many or as few as you wanted.)

Turkey 3

Then allow your little one to place the feathers wherever they please on your turkey.  The felt pieces will stick to each other and they can spend their time decorating their turkey.

Turkey 4

Some ideas for older kids….1.)  get some jewels and glitter and allow the kids to decorate the individual feathers.  2.) Make as many feathers as their are days till Thanksgiving and number your feathers accordingly.  Each day add a feather to the turkey (or take one away) and then you’ll know when Thanksgiving is.

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