I’m not a big believer in luck.  I believe everything happens for a reason and there is a purpose for everything that takes place in my life.

However, I’m starting to believe in bad luck.

My family farm has had its fair share of natural disasters. Fire, lightning strikes, tornadoes, and bad weather are just a few. And in case we were too comfortable, disaster struck again.

On November 17, 2013, much of Indiana was under a tornado warning at some point in the day. My family was in Kokomo watching my Panda play a basketball game. Around 3pm, just as her game ended, my phone started buzzing with weather warnings. The Farmer and I grabbed the kids and hightailed it home.

The drive home was like no drive I’ve ever done. We couldn’t see at times through blinding sheets of rain. At one point The Farmer said the rain was shifting directions, making us very nervous. We pulled in our driveway just as a tornado hit us. I felt the car lift off the ground. I was panicked. One at a time, The Farmer drug the kids in the house, hanging on tight to them for fear they would have blown away. Then he got me. And we headed quickly to the cellar.

As we were trying to get out of the car, I heard something crash. Only after leaving the cellar did I realize it was part of our hog barn, just 100 yards behind the house.

Not too long ago we had another tornado, this one striking a barn about 7 miles away.  Then there was a fire that burnt a barn down on The Farmer’s 40th birthday.  Throw in a few other disasters and you might understand why I’m thinking we have bad luck.

We were without power for 48 hours. My fridge had to be cleaned completely. What exactly are you supposed to cook when all you have in the fridge is hog medicine?


On Thursday we had a barn cleaning party.  Many friends came to help us clean up our mess. As a thank you, they all got my cooking for lunch.  The cold, dreary, rainy day called for chili, pb&j sandwiches, cheese, and cookies.

2013-11-21 13.09.24

It’s been a long week. But it could have been so much worse. In the end, we are all alive. Our house only has very minor damage. The barn can be rebuilt. And we are thanking God for our blessings.




Jeanette from FenceRow to FenceRow

4th generation family hog & grain farmer, The Farmer's wife, Mom of three farmkids (my Panda, Monkey and Lion Cub), wine promoter, woman of great faith and marathon runner


  • Lana

    Bless your heart! Sat by Neil at an FB D3 meeting and caught up with all his mess as well. I know it’s a horrible pile of stuff to clean up, but I am thankful, like you, that everyone in your family was spared. I can’t imagine feeling the van coming up off the ground.