sunset in Oahu

Ahhhh…….  Sometimes we need to find a picture of our favorite warm place, and spend a few moments just looking at it.  If we are of a certain age, we might be caught trying to wiggle our noses or blinking ourselves there….sigh….. Since those talents seem to belong exclusively to Samantha and Jeannie, we mere mortals have to settle with vivid imaginations and memories of warmer, sunnier times.

How do you beat the winter blues?  All the blogs and Pinterest boards are on fire with a gazillion projects, happy thought messages, and plans, but what really works for you?

I have some go-tos when the thoughts of spring and warm weather seem to be slipping through my fingers, so at the risk of being cliche, I will share them with you.


1.  Pet your dog, and go play with him/her.  Dogs are arguably the most loyal friend and unconditional in their love.  They are always happy to see you, they will give you tons of kisses if you want them, and they always have a smile.  They are great listeners too.  Sadie has heard a few rants and tirades that I am thankful she cannot repeat.


2.  Curl up with a cat.  The purring of a cat in your lap has been proven very theraputic for those suffering from depression and, well, the good ol’ blues. Hopefully you do not have a snarky cat.  Pumpkin has mellowed in her old age and loves to jump up with me at night for some purr time.

3.  Embrace the weather.  Hey, it’s out there, it’s not immediately going away, and snow and ice make for very cool picture moments.  Go out and PLAY!  As soon as it stops snowing, grab your camera, and capture all the white and bright of nature or your backyard.  Clear winter nights give brilliant views of the stars, providing the clouds are gone.

snow on the prairie

sundog 2

Cows 3


4.  Plan your flower/vegetable garden for the coming spring.  We are going to have to do some landscaping around our new addition, so now is the time to plan and look at pretty flowers and green plants.  Any color that does not fall into the white/gray spectrum is a good color!


Oops!  This flower is no longer growing, but it still makes me happy!



(Yeah, these flowers are all a bit too delicate for northwest Indiana, but I just have Hawaii on my mind. Besides, you all know what tulips and daisies look like right?)

5.  Take yourself out to lunch with your best friend.  This has to be the one person in the whole wide world who can make you laugh regardless of life’s condition.  If you can’t get to lunch, call that friend and allow a good 45 minutes for talking.

My pal Jen

6.  Get the heck out of Indiana!  If you are able, pick the warmest, sunniest, most affordable place you can manage, and go away for at least a night.

Diamond Head, Ohau

Even checking the family into a hotel with a great swimming pool would work. You might want to try French Lick and West Baden Springs right here in southern Indiana if you are close!



West Baden Springs Hotel

K all cushy at WB

WB atrium

Wb floor tile

7.  Go back to looking at vacation pictures and plan your next trip. Here are a few to help motivate you:


Whatever you chose to do, know that February is half way over, March brings the promise of spring, and April will see that promise come true.

Ecclesiastes 3:3 tells us “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”  Gear up for the next season, the next purpose.

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