I am one that changes the wreath on my front door with the seasons, holidays, latest party theme… you get the idea… I like to mix it up. So I thought one way to brighten up my door for spring is with some pretty pink and glittery decorations.  I mean this winter has drug on forever and even now that it’s technically spring, there are still a lot of dreary, rainy days, so some pink glitter was just the thing to brighten up my day.  And (bonus) I made this wreath for about $5.  Want to know how I did that?  Easy… and of course I’ll tell you.
wreath 1

So I bought a couple of these metal wreath frames and have used them for several different wreaths.  Sometimes I do take the ribbons off and reuse the frame and sometimes once I make the wreath I leave it.  But the frames can be reused so I don’t count that into the cost of the wreath.

Next, I shop for my supplies a week or two after Christmas.  That’s right…. you would be surprised at some of the NON-red, green, holly & ivy, santa, reindeer, sleigh, elves, etc. etc. you can find in the Christmas decoration section of a department store.  I like to wait an extra week or two after the holiday so the prices are marked down to  70-90% off.  And if you know you have upcoming baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, etc… it’s a great time to buy some ribbons, bows and decorations really cheap.  I stocked up on lots of pink, blues and greens, because I knew with having a little girl there would be lots of opportunities to utilize these in the future.  So my ribbon cost me $1 a spool and all the decorations came in packages for 4-6 for $1 or less.  So with $5 worth of supplies I was ready to make my wreath.

wreath 2

Supplies: 1 wreath frame, around 54 yards of ribbon, 4 decorative clips (I used butterflies), additional decorative ribbon for bow, a couple of twist ties.

wreath 3

I start by attaching my ribbon to the frame with a twist tie.  Then I weave the ribbon over and under the 4 wire pieces of the ribbon frame.  You can do this as tight or as loose as you want (or have ribbon for) to get the look you want.  I choose to leave about an inch of ribbon beyond the outer wire frame so I could come back later and fluff it out some.   Do this over under around the entire circle.  And you can pack the ribbon in tight or do it loose, again based on your preference.  Whenever you reach the end of a piece of ribbon use a twist tie to attach the piece to the frame.

Next I went back in with a blue ribbon and weaved that around the circle in a zig zag pattern to add some texture and additional color.  Then I attached my butterfly decorations.  These were already attached to little clips so I could easily clip them on to the ribbon.  Lastly I made a bow with both pink and blue ribbon and attached that to the wreath.

wreath 4


Another great thing about the wire wreath frame is that it is ready to hang.  No need to attach something to hang the wreath from.

Now my front door is bight and colorful and ready for spring.  And once I’m done with it I can easily take it apart and reuse the ribbon for another project and make a new wreath for summer.

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