It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we plant and plan for our year’s crop. And not just us- many farmers across the Midwest have started planting, are in the midst, or in some cases, are already done!

 I can’t help but stress this time of year to be cautious of tractors and combines coming in and out of the field on their way to the next. 

When I think of planting I think of corn, soybeans, busy season, late nights, meals in the fields, and GPS. 



In some corn planters, most I would say, we have reached the world of wonderful technology. A technology that allows us to map a field and it’s exact specifications and then plant our seeds in a perfectly straight line while using the field’s maximum amount of space. 

It is actually very cool to watch a tractor that is running on GPS. It will drive itself. Literally. 

When it comes to farming a huge amount of acres, using GPS allows us to farm more efficiently and to also cover a good amount of acres and not have to worry about going over the same spot twice.


Last summer we had a visit from Paulsen Marketing in Sioux Falls, SD come out and make a video featuring my husband. I was really super proud of him. I know he would agree with me in saying he does not like talking in a camera AT ALL. Not even a little bit. But, he really did a great job talking about GPS in this video. 

This video is used in the South Dakota Corn trailer which is geared towards helping children understand a little bit more about the wonderful world of agriculture!


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I am a First Generation Farm Wife living in Eastern South Dakota. I love blogging, raising cattle, working alongside my husband, and being a stay at home Mommy to our little girl!