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This is so exciting!  For the last week or so, I have been building up to this post on my blog page by taking everyone through our process of adding an addition to our century-old farm house. It started back in September, and we really didn’t finish up with everything until yesterday (May 1 in the blog before you need it world)!  A lot of the hold up was caused by Mother Nature keeping the heating and plumbing guys busy with frozen and busted pipes and/or cranky old furnaces that couldn’t keep up with the winter’s extreme cold  Patience paid off, and maybe a phone call or two.

If you want to see how this project came to be, you can see where we started on my blog site,     Yep, this is the house that Tall Guy has lived in since he was born.  It is also the house that his folks lived in and BOTH sets of grandparents also enjoyed.  It’s been a crazy long experience, but I am happy to say it’s….uhm….pretty much DONE!  For those of you who have never lived in an older farm house, you need to know that

1.)  All rooms are rather small.

2.)  There wasn’t much of a need (in my opinion) for storage space.

This newest addition covers both of these points.  The bath is 10 x 12, our closet is 10 x 18, and the living space is wide open.

TG's office

This used to be TG’s parents’ bedroom, then it was his office.  His desk faced the east wall, which is pretty much gone now.  He still has his office in this room; now it just faces the north wall.

My desk

Guess what?!?!?!  Now I have my own work space!  No more setting up shop in the dining room or sun room.  That caused all sorts of clutter problems when all my collective “stuff” was spread out on top of a table!  I found these file cabinets on line!

getting in

If TG and I, ok mostly me, can keep our weight healthy, we should be able to get a wheel chair through one of these two entrances to the new room.  Once we get in, there are wide open spaces to wheel ourselves around!

The bathroom….



ShowerThe closet…..


My side

Tall Guy's side

Me in my full length mirror

our work spaces……* see pics above

Place to rest our headsand , oh yeah, a place to rest our heads…….. with a view!….

I ordered this bed head board on the internet!  LOVE IT!

Mantle with AV open

The fun part of this mantle is that we can shut the door to our receiver and run it with a remote that signals on radio frequencies.  That means it will send and receive a signal through the wood!

Mantel closed

One neat extra you cannot see is the radiant heat under the entire floors of this new addition. NO COLD TILES in the winter!

I cannot begin to tell you how much we love this room.  We had talked about building a new house at one point, but this house was in too good of shape to abandon, and we LOVE our view!  When we hit the Big Compromise, I just asked TG to make sure I didn’t have to haul my 80-90+ year old self up and down the stairs with laundry and cleaning supplies.  I think this room meets those requirements rather well.

The next step is to get the outside of the house just as spiffy as its inside.  I am gathering advice to help me figure out what to plant and place in these big open spaces.  Whatever plants they are, I really want them to come up every year and require little maintenance.

I also need to put on my big girl pants and hang things on the wall.  This has been a problem since day one mostly because the walls in this house are plaster, and I am very reluctant to put a hole in them.  Anyone want to volunteer to help me with this job?  I have all kinds of beautiful pictures, but the courage to hang them on the wall is lacking! In the weeks to come, my blog will talk about all the planting going on in the yard and in the fields.

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