Let’s get real. Life is busy. Way busy. You add a kid or two into the mix and the life you thought was busy suddenly becomes even busier. And you didn’t even know that was possible!

One thing that I struggled with for the first year after our daughter was born was schedules. I wanted to be pretty lax with her schedule, mainly because we farm and often times I have to pack up for a day in the tractor with our daughter in less than ten minutes. But, I still needed that structure in my professional life.

I was struggling trying to keep my Franklin Covey updated, my blogging binders updated, our kitchen calendar updated, and my phone calendar updated.

It was tough. And maybe that is three times too many places I need to update our schedule, but it’s also what I wanted to make work for our family.

I quickly discovered it wasn’t working.

First thing, I eliminated my Franklin Covey. I loved it and it was really hard to part with, but I need something that my husband could also feel comfortable writing in and I was a bit possessive about my Covey.

I synced our iPhones and starting using the calendar that Apple provides exclusively. And keeping a small kitchen calendar on our counter that I can write things down on if I am on the phone that I can update later in my phone’s calendar.

Now, on to my blogging stuff. I am a pretty busy blogger. It seems at least twice a week I am blogging for someone else and not for my personal blog. Which I love! But, I needed something to help me out. So, I came up with this little system. I am sure if I looked on Pinterest I would find something similar if not the same thing, but I told my husband what I was thinking and he helped me come up with this.

The cost for us was about $1.50 in poster material. I already had the frames sitting in our basement and I have tons of stamping material.


And one day when I was browsing the Dollar Tree for my next project I came across these monthly calendars that were perfect to go along with the frames.

There are seven frames, one for every day of the week. And I don’t often use them for their actual days! Ha!

I find myself using a board per blog, then for the farm, then personal, and whatever else is on my agenda for the month. I loved adding the removable calendars to it because I could have the current month for what is due on specific dates and then I can also have a month ahead. My only complaint? They are supposed to be removable and reusable. Well, they aren’t. I attempted to take one off to see if I should place it somewhere else and it started to leave some residue on the wall. So, I have a feeling when I change my mind and come up with something even better that I will be doing some scrubbing to get that sticky stuff off.

I wanted to share my system mainly because all of my friend’s rave on it. I am hoping that if you are looking for something that will work for your family in your home, this might be the thing!

Happy Organizing!

"Morgan from Stories Of A First Generation Farm Wife"

I am a First Generation Farm Wife living in Eastern South Dakota. I love blogging, raising cattle, working alongside my husband, and being a stay at home Mommy to our little girl!