“School’s out!  School’s out!  Teacher let the monkeys out!”

Ah, the last day of school used to be a red letter day for me……back when I was a high school teacher.  I would usually gather all my teacher buddies around and do a cartwheel or two down the empty halls in celebration!

That was then, as they say, and this is now! The monkeys are back in  my house as of June 4th, and I need a plan of action.

ASAP!  Let’s see…..

1.)  They can start spending more time with their 4-H calves!

2.)  They can continue to clean out their bedroom.  Bear is leaving sometime this summer.  No worries, though; she is just moving down the hall, but we do need to give both rooms a new coat of paint.  Bear is still in to peacocks, so you can imagine the bright colors she wants for her walls… Tink is into zebras.  That’s cool, but I told her no black and white stripes on the walls.  She can accessorize with the stripes.

3.)  They both have sewing projects to pick and chose to complete with their Gma W.

4.)  They need to complete all the other 4-H projects by July 19th ( I think that’s the date!)

5.)  Of course, they also need to squeeze in some fun.

We have a lovely pool in our wonder small town, and there are sprinklers here to turn on and run through, but Tink I and stumbled on what could be the newest kind of wet fun outside with these water bombs! We needed something to make for her end of the year 5th grade store, and these squishy and colorful bundles looked like fun!


DSC_0933They are super easy to make.  (Sorry Target and Dollar Store for seriously depleting your inventory of multi-colored packages of sponges.)

This is what you do:


Cut each sponge in to four lengthwise strips.  It’s best if you cut up all the sponges before going on to the next step.


Next, come up with a pattern to stack a group of these strips 4 strips wide and 3 strips tall. (The original used 15 strips, but I think 12 is enough, AND it will give you more bombs ;-)


Now you need to find a friend or a mom to grab this stack at both ends and twist tightly. While they are all twisted, take a relatively short piece of twine, and tie it in the center.  Three knots should do it.


Now just fluff up the arms on both sides, and POOF!  You have your very own water bomb.  Submerge it in a bucket of water, then fire on your target.  If you are accurate, your target will be thoroughly soaked at the point of impact! :-D

On rainy days, why not do what Miss Add is doing over at Goodness Gracious?  She had a challenge going with her mom and dad that she will read 100 books this summer.  Chapter books, non-fiction books, it doesn’t matter.  She has quite a following going on the link I shared and on Instagram.  Use the hashtag #100books. As I type this, I believe she is reading book #43, but I bet she is close to 50 by the time this post is published.

Need some books of your own to read?  While I still am a huge Nora Roberts fan, I have also discovered Kristen Hannah.  FireFly Lane and Fly Away  center around two girls who meet the summer they turn 14, and carry on through life and death situations.  LOVED them, and she has written several other books.  Sue Monk Kidd, author of The Secret Life of Bees, (another big fav of mine) also has a new book out called The Invention of Wings.   Tink is liking all books by Rick Riordan.  Her latest read is the second book from his The Heroes of Olympus series.

I’m going to go out on a limb and recommend one more book that is on my list to read and is already earning rave reviews, The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green

Here’s hoping that you all have some time penciled it to sit back in a shady spot and read this summer or have some good ol’ summer water fun in the backyard.  That’s what we will be doing between walking 4-H calves and finishing up 4-H projects.

Lana from Walking the Off-Beaten Path

Jill of many trades trying to master them all. After teaching high school English for 18 years, I changed my life to become a farm wife in northwestern Indiana and mom to Tink and Bear.


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    We LOVE ours! So much fun to play with!