Peanut Butter Cookie

Ok, Seriously, when isn’t it time a great time for cookies?  Late summer seems to be a pretty good time around here for us to sacrifice some cool air to heat up the oven and make some cookies.  Our county fair has just ended, and many folks around here are gearing up for the Indiana State Fair. Some of you may be getting the kiddos ready to go back to school!  Nothing is better or makes you the best mom in the barn/car pool if you show up with homemade cookies.

I am making Erin Stamile’s Best Peanut Butter Cookies Every  from Gooseberry Patch’s cookbook, Foolproof Family Recipes for several reasons.  The first and BEST reason is that I like them!  Be honest, how many of you out there actually cook foods you don’t like?  Yeah, me either unless I want to get out of the dog house or show some special love! Secondly, I am going to be cooking more recipes from this great book and giving one away to a lucky reader sometime in early August!  Come on over, and join in the giveaway fun!

One part of this recipe that is a possible red flag for Tall Guy (my farmer husband just in case you haven’t met him), is that it calls for chocolate to be added to the cookie.  This man is a “don’t mess with a good thing” kind of guy.  He thinks peanut butter cookies should stick to peanut butter.  I, on the other hand, do like to take him out of his comfort zone, and we all know how yummy chocolate is with peanut better….

(Have you ever scooped up the Jiff and Nutella jars, grabbed a spoon, and nibbled on a combination of these two delights right out of their jars???  Yeah, me neither! wink wink.  Make sure all PB is out of the N jar, and N is out of the PB jar before putting them back in the pantry.  Just sayin’)

Ok, let’s make these delicious cookies.  You will need the following:

2 Cups   butter, softened

2 Cups   brown sugar, packed

3 Cups   sugar, divided

1 Cup    creamy peanut butter

6 Cups   all-purpose flour

1 T.         baking soda

1 Cup    milk chocolate

1 Cup    chocolate chunks or candy coated chocolates

1 Cup    peanut butter chips

Now you great bakers out there know how it goes right?  Cream the first three ingredients (hold 1 Cup of sugar back!). Add the next two, keep beating, and then add the flour and baking soda in thirds until it is thoroughly mixed together.  Erin says in her recipe that this is best done in a standing mixer, and she is so right.  My KitchenAid did a great job, but those last two cups of flour into the batter gave it a good workout.


Stir in the goodies (chips) then roll into balls, you pick the size, and roll them in the remaining cup of sugar.  Here is a switch from your regular peanut butter cookie; you freeze the balls for one hour before putting them on a baking pan and into a 350 degree oven for 14-18 minutes.



These cookies are sooo yummy!   Grab yourself a tall, cold glass of milk and indulge for a little bit.  There might even be some left over for the kids when they get  back from the show ring or home from school!

* Note to readers:  We had a “Mikey moment!”  Tall Guy tried them and LIKED them!!!  Woo!  There’s a vote worth gold right there!

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Jill of many trades trying to master them all. After teaching high school English for 18 years, I changed my life to become a farm wife in northwestern Indiana and mom to Tink and Bear.


  • Jenny

    Just made these yesterday, and they were so good! Especially when you eat them right out of the oven lol