The last few weekends we have been pretty busy at our house. We have been pretty focused on our basement to be exact. I painted it a few winters ago, but that was as far as we got. I have been collecting pieces here and there for our decor but our basement was empty, other than a pool table. First, it would help if we had an idea of furniture.

Well, we finally added a bar and a couch and an ottoman. Now, we are getting somewhere. We decided that we wanted to go with a vintage antique theme in the basement. So, collecting those pieces has been tons of fun.

One thing we were struggling with is the fact that our little girl is still, well, little. We needed to make the basement still fun for her, but I was adamant to stay with our theme.

One thing I remember my Dad telling me that has stuck with me from the time I was pregnant was that just because you have children doesn’t mean they need to take over your home. I have really taken that to heart. I keep all of Elliette’s toys in her playroom, her books in her room, and our crafting materials and puzzles in containers that are on “display” in our living room entertainment center that no longer houses a television.

Now, she still scatters everything to various parts of the house. But, I do my best to get everything back to where it goes at the day’s end. And if I only have one room with toys, well it makes it easier to put items away.

Our basement used to have some of our bigger toys, but now that we are actually decorating down there it was time to get rid of those big toys. Which was okay with me because it was kind of annoying me that they weren’t where the toys are supposed to be. I am a bit of a perfectionist.

Now, I needed something to fit into my theme. And then one day while I was perusing an antique store it hit me. I love antique children’s toys. I mean really love them. I have to control myself when I come across them. And now I suddenly had the perfect, and I do mean perfect, excuse.

So, I started collecting. And this is what I came up with.



And these little gems aren’t really the only things I have. I have also been collecting vintage children’s books, pictures, paintings, and some puzzles for the wall.

The number one thing I love about these things?! That they are a decor that my daughter can play with and I happily have no problem with letting her pull them all down.

The number 2 thing I love about these things?! That it fits in perfectly with our decor. Perfectly.

And the number 3 thing?! They were seriously inexpensive. I perused rummages and antique stores and found some really great finds.

I am thinking of building a more industrial like shelf system to display these toys on so that I can add in the books and pictures, as well as display more of the toys. But, I am in love with this decor because it also doubles as toys in our basement. Absolute perfection in my eyes! Now, a few of the toys aren’t quite as vintage. But, I wanted to add a couple of the toys my hubby and I grew up with. So, technically I suppose his might be vintage!

If you have a busy toddler, like me, and love vintage anything, feel free to nab this idea and let your decor double as your toys!

"Morgan from Stories Of A First Generation Farm Wife"

I am a First Generation Farm Wife living in Eastern South Dakota. I love blogging, raising cattle, working alongside my husband, and being a stay at home Mommy to our little girl!