Summer is coming to an end very soon.  Kids are heading back to school, that crisp autumn air is filling the air, and the foliage is thinking about changing.  Summer went by extremely fast for our household and I’m a little saddened by its eminent ending.  One of my favorite things about summer is all the fresh, juicy and sweet vegetables that are so abundant during this time of year.  So, to celebrate summer, I called upon my fellow Real Farmwives of America to round-up some of their favorite summertime recipes that their families enjoy.


Cris says,  “The best time to have this Summer Corn Salad is when the sweet corn is sugary sweet and the tomatoes are red on the vine.”

Summer Corn Salad by Cris Goode at Goodness Gracious

RFOA Summer-Corn-Salad



Not only does this next Summer Chicken Pasta have corn and asparagas….it also has a favorite of mine, BACON!

Summer Chicken Pasta with Corn and Asparagus by Leah Beyer of Beyer Beware

RFOA Summer chicken bacon pasta with



This is one of Morgan’s husband’s favorite pulled pork recipes AND it can all be cooked in a Crockpot!  And easy meal for any day of the week!

My Hubby’s Favorite Pulled Pork by Morgan Kontz of Stories of a First Generation Farm Wife

RFOA Hubby's favorite pulled pork IMG_3917



Marybeth’s Garden Pasta Salad has a summer veggie that is normally abundant in most gardens….cucumbers!  Love them!  And those bright little grape tomatoes not only add brightness, but packs in a ton of sweetness as well.

Garden Pasta Salad by Marybeth Feutz of Alarm Clock Wars

RFOA garden-pasta-salad



And one of my summertime favorites, here at home is BBQ Oven Baked Chicken.  A great dish to bring along to a picnic, summer party or just feeding a crowd at home.  It can be eaten warm from the oven or it’s fantastic at room temperature or cold!  Can’t go wrong.

BBQ Baked Chicken 54



From our house to yours, enjoy the last days of summer and I look forward to seeing you all in the fall!  ~nancy

Nancy Grossi

Nancy is a mother of two and a wife of a Dairyman living in Northern California on her family's dairy farm. She enjoys cooking, photography, spending time with her family, taxiing her kids around to