The Farmer convinced me we should buy a camper.  He has wanted one for a few years and I’ve been the voice of reason.  The one who  manages the checkbook and knows how many farm bills we have and the amount of each one.  And yet I said we could buy a camper.

My Farmer serves on our county 4H fair board of directors.  He also manages the campgrounds at our 4H fairgrounds.  I think he’s been a bit jealous when all of his buddies have brought their campers to the fair and been able to spend the night.  So when a friend mentioned a camper for sale, we looked at it.  And mentally had it purchased before we ever walked off the property.

The problem comes that we don’t have time to camp.  The Farmer is so busy with the farm and the kids are busy with sports, 4H and all their other activities.  We don’t have time to get away for weekends.  But we are going to make an effort to find time and enjoy the kids.

Our first camping experience was at our county fairgrounds over Labor Day weekend.  Some of our friends decided to spend the weekend just hanging out at our fairgrounds.  And it was the best weekend!


This is my Little Man’s best bud.  And when they are together, it’s hilarious.  They spent the entire weekend playing in rock piles, riding bikes, flying kites and just being boys!!  By the time the weekend was over they had doused themselves with numerous buckets of water, which served to wash the enormous of dirt off of them!


My Monkey and her friend were glued to each other all weekend.  They are like two peas in a pod.  They go to different schools, so they don’t see each other a lot.  But they did plenty of bike riding and talking for the weekend!


Then there is my Panda and her buddy.  These two are so much alike in many ways.  By the time they finish their 10 years of 4H, they may win every ribbon or trophy available.  But there is no competition between these two kids.  Their weekend was spent catching up on their lives.  Lots of giggles and fun!

The grownups spent a lot of time watching our fairgrounds  from a different angle.



Behind the barns.  This view is from behind our livestock barns.  A view I don’t normally have during our fair.  One of peace, quiet, and tranquility.  And I loved every second.  Empty barns.  Paths that are meant for riding bikes.  Wide open spaces meant for kite-flying kids.  Lots of grass for friends to sit and visit.  And sides of barns perfect for showing a movie on.

Camping, 4H style.  For our first camping experience, it was an absolute blast.  We are Indiana 4H. Not just during county fair week.  But all year-long!!

Jeanette from FenceRow to FenceRow

4th generation family hog & grain farmer, The Farmer's wife, Mom of three farmkids (my Panda, Monkey and Lion Cub), wine promoter, woman of great faith and marathon runner