It’s safe to say Fall is one of my favorite times of year. It’s our busiest time on the farm, but it’s also the perfect time of year to see everything come full circle.

I start pulling out our Fall decorations the day we start chopping corn silage. Which has sometimes been before September 1. Like the end of the third week of August early.

This year I pulled out our decor and thought it was a perfect time for a fun fall project. And our little girl’s favorite project is anything that involves paint!

And, she has this perfect painting set that she got for her birthday that we hadn’t even broken out yet. I had done tons of research and finally settled on a spill proof system and some paintbrushes. Then I called Grandma, and told her this was the perfect gift!

And it’s safe to say Ellie loved it too!

If you are looking for a quick, but fun Fall project this is it! I grabbed some poster board at the Dollar Tree and then used a brown marker and drew a tree.


I then sat all her Fall colored paints out and let her go to town painting “leaves” on the tree.


Now, these are spill proof cups that you can find here. They are amazing! Now, in the photo with the link, these cups don’t come with the paintbrushes, plus I wasn’t too impressed with the paintbrushes in the picture. So, I took Amazon’s suggestion and went with these instead. And I love them! And since I was on a roll I also suggested to Grandma to purchase some paints to go with the set. Love Amazon’s suggestions. Makes shopping that much easier.


Painting anything is a favorite in our house, so I love things that will last me a long time. I also left the paint I had in these cups and they have been in there for nearly a month and so far they are still perfect. The reviews on Amazon said they were amazing for keeping paint- which is awesome because I really hate clean up when it comes to painting, and if the colors can stay in these cups all year, that is a win win for me!

Happy Painting! And please share some of your fall projects with your kiddos with me @sdfarmwife. I would LOVE to see what you are doing!

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I am a First Generation Farm Wife living in Eastern South Dakota. I love blogging, raising cattle, working alongside my husband, and being a stay at home Mommy to our little girl!