Great holiday meals don’t have to break the bank, here are a few of our tips for saving money while making fantastic family meals memorable.

Money Saving Tips

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Holiday Meal Money Saving Tips

  • If your holiday meal budget is tight, you might consider rethinking some of your favorite recipes. If your family is a dark meat fan like mine, you might opt for a crock pot full of turkey legs vs. a whole bird. It is a great way to get that holiday flavor at a fraction of the price. Ham steaks may be a way to have your ham and eat it too if a whole ham can’t fit your budget.Crock Pot Turkey Legs-1
  • When making your holiday menu, you might consider looking for recipes that make things from scratch. It may take a little longer in the kitchen, but homemade rolls, for example, can be made at a fraction of the price as those pre-made from the store and are easier to make than what you might think.Benefiel-Yeast-Rolls-copy (1)
  • Shop the sales for the best prices or price match at your store of choice if allowed. Several of us RFOA girls are Walmart shoppers and use their new Savings Catcher App. It is a great way to get back money for any price matching you may have missed.– Totally free and totally addicting!
  • Consider shopping at a different store. If you aren’t already an Aldi or Walmart shopper, you might consider visiting them for the grocery shopping for your big meal. You might be shocked at both the quality and price you will find. (Note: This post is not sponsored by Walmart or Aldi, it is just my honest advice on how I save money on my holiday meals.)50-Dollar-Challenge-1
  • Leverage leftovers. While holiday meals might feel a bit more expensive, more times than not, they produce more food than you will ever eat in one sitting. Be prepared for left-overs and consider freezing extra meat and other freezer friendly foods for relief on the food budget later in the month. Many holiday meats such as ham and turkey can be turned into all kinds of other meals. (For some ideas on ham left-overs, check out my $50 Challenge Post where I made all kinds of recipes for $50– including a huge ham!)


  • Drop the labels. If you are cooking a lot of dishes with multiple ingredients, you might consider buying the generic version the ingredients in the dish. A lot of times you cannot even tell a difference. Also, if nutrition is a concern at your holiday table, make sure you look at nutrition labels– not marketing labels to get the most bang for your buck.

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