I don’t know about you, but I love the holidays. I love them so much that sometimes I set up my Christmas trees (and yes, I did say trees) before Thanksgiving. Yep, I am that person. Now, I typically don’t turn on the lights until after Thanksgiving…but I do set them up before December 1. And my argument- Who says you can’t?!

One thing I did last year new to our home was an advent calendar. This is something I really, really wanted to do with our children. I love them, really love them. When kids are little you can do simple things, and as children go, you can really change the focus to others and giving back during the holiday season.

That being said, my advent calendar entails a bit more than the ones we had when I was a kid, the rip the front off of a box and eat the piece of chocolate kind. Which I still really love, by the way! The only thing I don’t love is what if you have more than one kid? Or, which is very possible of happening, your child has a couple of friends over that day? I love the idea of including other children that are a part of our family for the day, so I opted for something a bit bigger that I can easily adapt if we have kids over for a play day.

My advent calendar was made out of jars I gathered around our home, and then about $10 I spent at Goodwill. I used spray paint I already had on hand and it came out looking a little something like this.
I then did a basic Pinterest search for some advent calendar ideas and got this printable. I printed them off, laminated them, and then eliminated some ideas that won’t work for our family. I have a two year old, so sometimes “big kid” stuff just doesn’t work.
I then added some of my own ideas that I knew my daughter would love. Like painting nails, helping Mommy do chores, a ride on the snowmobile, a trip to the children’s museum, etc.
I slipped the pieces of papers into the jars and that part was all done. Another thing I added was little pieces of candy and also stickers to some of the jars. Both things that my daughter loves.
I also wanted to be able to tie in scripture. So, I did another search on Pinterest and found these printables. They are also very basic and just what I needed for my tiny girl. As she grows I will elaborate more and our discussion will be more extensive.
Last year I did this with the scripture cards.
However, I quickly realized that this took up some of my Christmas card space and it got annoying trying to take down one envelope at a time. So, this year I am sticking to the envelopes in a stack next to my jars.
This is a fun twist to an advent calendar that I think will be great to add to over the years as our children grow. And especially making it more of an advent calendar for giving during the holiday season as our children grow.
What types of holiday traditions do you have in your family?

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