This story doesn’t have an outcome.  Only a waiting game.

The story started a bit earlier this evening.  When my Panda headed off to basketball practice.  My girls eat, breathe and live basketball.  And if I might brag a little, they do have a bit of ball talent.  I always tell people that they have more talent than I ever did!  Heck, in 4th grade, when I started playing, I couldn’t dribble the ball and run at the same time.  They can actually run, dribble and shoot with some accuracy.

I’m in the middle of a week where we have eight straight days of basketball.  Either practice or games.  I’m ready for them to just sleep in their ball clothes so they are all ready to go.  Each girl is playing two leagues and the Little Man is just starting his first league.  So we are going a bit crazy.  I knew we had to get through this week, as one league is finishing and the other is starting.  It’s just a week where the practices overlap.

Tonight I took my Monkey and Little Man to practice.  While we were at practice, The Farmer took Panda to her practice.  I watched my Little Man play a game of shirts and skins, cracking up at his ribs sticking out from his little 4-year old body.  Then my phone rang.  The Farmer said he was taking Panda to the hospital.

And my stomach got all tied up in knots.  She may have broken her finger.  Right before the championship game of one league.  My kid is tough.  you don’t want her to guard you.  She may not score a ton of points, but she can play defense like none other.

girls ball

And it was her defense that may have broken that finger.  In a scrimmage against the boys school team, she fell.  She never gives up and she won’t let a boy beat her.

And instantly I was taken back to my broken finger.  Opening day of volleyball practice my senior year, everyone was excited for the start of a new season.  I was a setter.  My hands were vital to the game.  And as I went diving for the ball, I hit the ground hard.  And shattered the inside of my middle finger on my left hand.  And in an instant my season was over.  Senior year.  The season I had worked so hard to get to.  I wore a cast for 3/4ths of the season, sitting on the sidelines, dressed every game, and quietly turned very negative and depressed.

A dear friend pulled me out of my funk.  A fellow volleyball player. Someone who I still count amongst my dearest friends to this day.  She offered a shoulder to cry on and some harsh words when I needed them.  The third to last game of the season, the cast came off and I got to play.  And when I went in to the game, she was the first one to offer a huge hug when my serve went over the net and landed smack dab in front of their players.  An ace.  I did that 3 times in a row.  And I felt the weight of the world lift off my shoulders.  And a smile return to my face.

So tonight as I’m sitting and waiting on x-ray results, I’m wondering how this will go.  Will my Panda freak out, if the finger is broken, like I did and end up in a funk?  Will I be dealing with a moody kid for a month, as I know my mother dealt with me?  Will the finger be fine, and she plays in the championship game?  I anxiously watch my phone, like a watched pot, waiting for it to ring with the news I’m seeking.  Knowing this is just one of many injuries that will happen in what I hope is a very long and succesful sports career for my kids.  And I’m the Mom on the sidelines, feeling each ache and achievement.  Loving them through it all.



Jeanette from FenceRow to FenceRow

4th generation family hog & grain farmer, The Farmer's wife, Mom of three farmkids (my Panda, Monkey and Lion Cub), wine promoter, woman of great faith and marathon runner


  • lANA

    ACK! Hope her finger turned out to be ok. Don’t leave us in suspense too long.