I’ve been ready to decorate for Christmas for a month.  The minute the first snowflake fell, I was ready to put up the tree. While some say Christmas is so stressful, I love the hustle and bustle.  I love to sit in the glow of the tree lights and enjoy the quiet of a night.  I love the looks on my kids faces as they dig out their favorite ornaments and retell the stories of why they love them so much.

They get the storytelling honestly.  I have my favorite ornaments.  Ones I have saved for decades and hang every year, telling a story each time they come our from their tissue wrapping.  Our tree is filled with handmade ornaments.  Some from my kids, some from The Farmer and I.  No glitzy ribbons, shiny balls or fancy flowers adorn our tree.  Our Christmas is a story.

My most favorite ornament is my clothes pin angel.  I made her in Sunday School in 1981.  I was 7 years old.  My name is scribble on the back of her coffee-filter wing.  She is a simple clothespin, pipe cleaner, cotton ball and half of a coffee filter, all held together with a bit of glue and a prayer!  She is hung at the highest branch, just under our angel tree-topper.  She brings back the best memories of being 7 years old.  Sunday School lessons about Jesus’ birth and the Star of Bethlehem.  And every year my kids hear about this little angel and how much she means to me.

2014-01-02 10.26.56

My Grandma has 16 grandchildren.  When we were little, she and Grandpa used to give us glass dishes, antique silver and dinner place settings.  When we were young, and all we wanted were plastic toys destined to break, it never made much sense why we were getting silverware for Christmas.  But now I completely understand!  Now that all of the grandkids are grown and no longer seeking plastic toys, she makes us a Christmas ornament.  These are done on her embroidery sewing machine.  They are gorgeous.  A picture doesn’t do them justice.  We get a different one each year.  And they have  a treasured spot on my tree.

2014-01-02 10.27.09

The Farmer also has a few ornaments of his own. This one, which I assume is supposed to be a snowman, was painted with his 5-year-old hands.  His name is scratched in the back of the clay ornament.  It’s silly grin always makes me smile.

2014-01-02 10.27.19

Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Shepards and Wise Men are why we celebrate Christmas in our house.  It’s all about a baby being born!  So a manager scene is displayed prominently in my house.  This is another treasured gift.  My Grandpa made the manger.  Each grandkid has one of these as well.  Grandma bought the very breakable characters.  I cried a few years ago when one of the kids accidentally knocked over Joseph.  His neck popped off.  Thankfully super glue fixed him and Joseph can still play a role in the manger scene!!

2014-01-02 11.17.26

However you choose to decorate your Christmas tree, I hope you take comfort and peace in the season.  We celebrate the birth of a King.  We read about His birth before presents are ever unwrapped.  And we try to give back and help others since we feel pretty blessed.  Our tree is a story of our blessings and memories.  May you make wonderful memories with your family this Christmas season!



Jeanette from FenceRow to FenceRow

4th generation family hog & grain farmer, The Farmer's wife, Mom of three farmkids (my Panda, Monkey and Lion Cub), wine promoter, woman of great faith and marathon runner


  • Barb Chapman

    I wish you,and your family a ‘Very Merry Christmas’.
    I enjoy your emails, and look forward to receiving them. May God Bless you, and your family, this Christmas with peace, happiness, good health, and lots of good fortune in the coming year.

  • Wanda Harrison

    Thank you for your stories and ideas.
    Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years

    • Wanda Harrison

      Merry Christmas to you too