It’s that time of year. Everywhere you go the last few weeks you have heard Christmas music and you have seen festive decorations. Now, the time has finally come, Christmas is over. Time to clean up all the mess of Christmas presents being torn open and plan New Year’s resolutions. If you are into that sort of thing.

I wish I could tell you that during the holiday seasons we take time off and spend it lounging around eating all the yummy cookies and snacks that everyone shares with us. But, we don’t.

Unfortunately, cattle don’t celebrate the holiday quite like us. It’s just any other day to them. And good ole Mother Nature? Ya, she does what she wants.

The first Christmas I spent as a new wife I spent it sitting in a pick up watching gates. It snowed so much the night before and through out the day that we canceled Christmas in our homes. And family didn’t travel to us. We moved snow, lots and lots of snow. And I am pretty sure later that night we popped a frozen pizza in the oven and ate in front of the TV cuddled up to get warm.


Celebrating Christmas last year at about 10 P.M.

If it’s a beautiful day on Christmas, which sometimes it is, we haven’t gotten the opportunity yet with our daughter to see her excitement as she climbs out of bed to tell us Santa has been here and enjoy pancakes and opening gifts together as a family first thing in the morning.

Because, those cattle have to be fed. And if it’s our holiday for chores then we get to do it. My hubby bundles up and heads to the farm and often times we push back opening gifts until later on Christmas Day so that we can make sure every mouth at the farm is fed and that everyone is all cozy and warm in their bedding.

Before I married my farmer I spent Christmas Eve running back and forth between relatives’ homes opening presents. And then spent Christmas morning with my mom lounging on the couch watching TV and opening presents.

My holidays are a lot different now. But, in all honesty, it doesn’t bother me. If anything it slows us down. We focus on our farm and our livestock first. And then we find a time for having our quiet family time together either late at night or another day. And that’s okay with me. Owning livestock is a huge responsibility and one we take very seriously.

Although, I won’t lie. This year we have Christmas chores off. Meaning my brother in law feeds all our cattle that morning. And if it doesn’t blizzard like crazy the night before I am hoping for warm and cozy cuddles with my hubby and our favorite little girl. And then maybe some pancakes and presents. But, I won’t get my hopes up, because it isn’t just about when you celebrate the season. It’s really about cherishing the time when you do.

"Morgan from Stories Of A First Generation Farm Wife"

I am a First Generation Farm Wife living in Eastern South Dakota. I love blogging, raising cattle, working alongside my husband, and being a stay at home Mommy to our little girl!