willow 1I’m all about bringing the outside in when it comes to decorating in springtime.  After long and cold winters I’m ready for new life and what better way to celebrate Easter or spring in general than with some pussy willow branches?!?!  The cute white fuzz buds on these branches just makes you think about everything else that is going to start to leaf out and bloom.  So I cut off a few branches, and made this cute centerpiece for my dining room table.



To start with I took a small bucket I had and cut a piece of oasis to stick inside.  (Keeping the branches in water will help them to last longer.)  Next I placed some decorative paper on top to hide the oasis, but you could easily use the colored plastic grass you put in easter baskets or even some moss from a craft store.


After cutting my willow branches to similar lengths I put them in the oasis around the edge of the pail.  I also took some plastic easter eggs and stuck them in the center of my branches.



Then you can take a rubber band or piece of ribbon and tie the branches together about 4 inches or so from the top.  You could tie a bow or hang some more plastic eggs.





And there you have it–a cute living centerpiece for your Easter/Springtime table.  Just think of the different color combinations or decorations you could use to adorn your centerpiece.  Keep your branches watered about once a week and they will last for a good long month.


willow 2

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    I am going to do the center piece today.