One warm day in spring brings about ants in my pants, the desire to open every window in my house and wanting to take my nap on my front porch swing!

soil spring Indiana dirt planting

spring corn planting sunset  John Deere Kinze Indiana

corn seed depth planting spring

corn field spring

But alas the cold and wet make their appearance just as quickly as they faded for a few hours-so I entertain myself with pictures of past springs and cleaning out my camera bag so when Chris gives the battle cry and we head to the field I am ready – because my camera goes with me everywhere!

This is my bag of choice -


It’s so durable, easy to use, holds my Nikon camera with a lenses and my other lenses, and still has room for misc. stuff like the camera charger, a place to safely put extra camera cards and the always needed item by a female tractor operator…….a roll of toilet paper!!!

I originally had a pretty bag in mind but I had to be honest with myself, that wasn’t going to be practical for me!  This bag has spent more time on the dusty floorboard of a tractor, tossed in the sleeper of semis, ridden shotgun in my pickup truck, spent hours in a hog barn, been pooped on by a cow and still looks fantastic longer than 3 ‘pretty’ bags would have come close to lasting me!


Here’s to happy safe spring to all!

Jent from From My Front Porch

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