Asparagus season is right around the corner and if a Farm wife is is cooking with Asparagus then you know it has to be good.  Here are 6 great tasting recipes to give you some variety to this springtime vegetable.

asp 1

The Wife of a Dairyman shares Healthy Asian Noodle Salad which can be served as a side or a main entree’.

RFOA Asparagus

Spring nights are still chilly and Ott, A shows us a warm and hearty Fresh Asparagus Soup.

Asp 2

And Goodeness Gracious this Chicken & Asparagus Penne looks so good I can almost taste it.

RFOA Asparagus 1

And another “Goode” is this Basil Asparagus Penne.

RFOA Asparagus 4

Next, Heather with 3 Kids and Lots of Pigs, shows us an easy way to grill asparagus.

RFOA Asparagus 2

And lastly, try a savory Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus from Leah at Beyer Beware.

RFOA Asparagus 3

Ott, A from "a Latte' with Ott, A"

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