This is something that we use on the farm during the spring and summer seasons. You also might use something similar in your yard when you are trying to get things dried out or “raked” up.


This is a hay rake. What it’s doing is taking the hay that is lying in two different rows, rolling it together and piling it into one row. It’s also turning the hay over so that air can flow through the hay and get it a bit more dry. We prefer to bale hay when it’s nice and dry. Depending on how wet the hay is it might get raked a couple of times so that it is dry before baling. Baling wet hay can cause mold to grow and can also be a fire hazard.


There are two rows that I am driving between and are getting raked into one row like the picture above. Then, later in the day my husband will come behind me and drive the baler down the rows to create large round bales. We will then use these hay bales to feed our cattle during the winter time.

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