Every mom has a plastic baby wipe container.  Or 2 or 3 or…you try to buy the refill packs of wipes but you still end up getting them from time to time when you have a coupon or send the husband to town for that emergency diaper/wipe run.  You recycle them.  You store things in them like crayons or cotton balls.  You let the kids play with them.  Or, you can turn them into a window bird feeder.  One where you can peek through and watch the birds eat.  This is a great activity to let older do or younger kids help with.

Supply List:  Empty Wipes Container, Scissors, Glue, String, Suction Cups, bird feed

(Optional: Paint or Decorative Materials)

RFOA Bird 3

For starters you simply take an empty wipes container.  Now you can use one that is already decorative or have you kids paint or use markers, washi tape, stickers, glitter… anything to put their own personal touch on it.



Take off the lid portion of the wipes container, this usually just snaps off, but you may have to cut it.  Also, cut out any soft plastic portion of the opening to create your peek through hole.  Then glue down the top big rectangular lid to the wipes container just to ensure that it holds together.




Next, cut a rectangular shape in the bottom of the wipes container.  Be sure to leave a little edge to hold the bird seed.




Lastly, poke holes in the side of the container and run a string through both holes and tie it in the center. Then place a suction cup on your window and hang your string off of it. Be sure the peek through hold is against the window and the big cut out is facing the outside.  Put a little bit of bird feed inside the feeder and wait for the birds to come.

RFOA Bird 2


I hung the bird feeder so the peek through hole was at eye level for my daughter when she stands and looks out the window.  And, we keep a bird watching book by the window so we can identify what birds are coming up and getting seed out of it.

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