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I told you about my favorite author, Debbie Macomber, a few weeks ago. Have you checked her out yet? She’s awesome!

I also told about Volume 1 of my favorite series by Debbie called Midnight Sons. So I thought I would continue on and let you in on some of the love and heart found in Midnight Sons Volume 2.

Midnight Sons Vol 2

Midnight Sons Volume 2

Daddy’s Little Helper¬†is the first book in this volume. You find out more about widower Mitch Harris and his daughter Chrissie. They are an adorable team who have been on their own for years. When Bethany Ross comes to town, she catches the eye or both father and daughter. But, can Mitch get over his past?

Because of the Baby is next up in the series. Lanni’s brother, Matt, is divorced, but can’t make himself fall out of love with his ex-wife even though it has been a year and a half. When Lanni asks her former sister-in-law, Karen, to be her maid-of-honor, Karen and Matt fall into an old habit and Karen ends up pregnant. Matt is, of course, eager to be married again, but Karen isn’t so sure.

Reading this second volume is like walking into a room full of old friends. You get to catch up on what is going on and enjoy the warmth of the love between the characters, old and new.

*sigh* I love this series…

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