Are you a coffee drinker?  So am I!  I’ve been drinking coffee for years.  But the past few months I’ve been spending a little more time learning about how coffee beans are grown, roasted, ground and brewed in order to maximize my coffee drinking enjoyment.  And now I want to pass these tips on to you, so you can experience a great tasting cup of coffee.


Roasting Coffee:

Coffee can be roasted light, medium or dark.  Roasting changes the beans color, size and smell.  The beans change in color from green to yellow to brown.  The amount of heat, time and air flow determine the type of flavors brought out in the bean.  Different varieties of coffee have different nuances of flavor.

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Grinding Coffee:

There are two types of coffee grinders; Burr and blade grinders.  Burr Grinders use a spinning metal plate to ground the coffee more evenly than a blade grinder.  Burr Grinders also allow you to select how fine you want the coffee ground and match that ground to your brewing method.  Turkish Grind is very fine. Espresso Grind is a little coarser, and for your drip coffee maker you would want a higher setting to produce a coarser grind.  I recently purchased a burr grinder and have been very pleased with the additional aroma my coffee has.

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Most everyone has the traditional drip coffee maker, but different brewing methods can enhance different flavors in coffee.  The pour over method can allow the coffee to bloom more (the blooming process releases the gasses trapped inside the grounds).  Or the French Press method is a full immerson process to achieve a full bodied cup every time.  I am currently using an Aeropress which combines full immersion, microfilter and press brew to achieve a more concentrated cup of coffee.

Random Tips:

Store ground coffee in an airtight container on a dark cool shelf (not in your refrigerator).  Air and moisture deplete coffee of its taste.

For maximum taste drink coffee within 3-4 weeks of being roasted.

Coffee is 98% water; consider using filtered water.

Coffee filters can alter the taste of your coffee so try using unbleached or oxygen bleached filters.

Whenever possible grind your coffee right before you brew it because air does cause the bean to loose its flavor.

Use a separate grinder for flavored coffees because these beans leave an oil residue which can affect the flavor of non-flavored beans and also buildup over time on your grinding equipment.

Coffee will remain fresh tasting 45-60 minutes after brewing, afterwards the flavors start to deteriorate.

And most importantly… drink coffee the way you like it most, whether that’s strong, weak, iced, with cream and sugar, in the morning at night, just enjoy it!!!!




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