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You may have figured out by now that in addition to loving my family and cooking, I love to read. A good book to me is like a mini vacation where you get to meet new people. The great part is that I get to “visit” all these awesome places and don’t have to pay for the plane ticket or stay!

You may have also figured out that I am a huge Debbie Macomber fan. She writes in a way that makes you feel like you are getting to know the characters, and I love that she can keep me guessing on what is coming next. There is nothing worse than reading a book that you can figure out faster than you can read.

I’ve already told you about the first two volumes of Midnight Sons here and here. That is another thing I love about Debbie…she does a ton of series! I love coming back again and again to my favorite character’s lives and seeing snippets of what the future holds for them.

Midnight Sons Vol 3

Midnight Sons Vol 3


So who do we catch up with in Volume 3? We check in on Christian and Mariah. I had long wondered if something was up with those two. In the first book in this volume, Falling for Him, we see Christian finally open his eyes to what has always been in front of him. The question is, has he been blind too long?

In the second book in this volume, Ending In Marriage, we also come back to some favorite characters. Dear ol’ Duke met his match in Tracy Santiago. He may be gruff and a male chauvinist pig on the surface that likes to get a rise out of anyone…especially Tracy…but can Tracy see that there is more to Duke than meets the ear…er eye?

In the third book, Midnight Sons and Daughters, I LOVE that we come back years later to not only see how beautifully life has turned out for everyone in Hard Luck, but we also get to see the kids all grown up. Scott was always the love guru for the older men when he was a kid, but can he give himself as good of advice as he did to the men when he was ten? And will Chrissie ever forgive him for breaking her heart two times?

If you have read volumes 1 & 2, I promise you don’t want to miss volume 3. I love the way Debbie pulls everything together and brings us back to our favorite town north of the Artic Circle.

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