milk glass 4

June is National Dairy Month and we are kicking it off with a fun and easy way to spruce up an old milk glass.  Vintage milk jars, bottles and glasses are pretty common at antique stores and garage sales.  I’ve even seen new ones, made to look old, in craft and hobby stores.  So if you have any or find any, here is one idea of painting it and making it a vase for flowers.

milk glass 1


1 glass milk jar, paint brush, white acrylic paint, gold acrylic paint and protective spray gloss.

milk glass 2


Paint your glass milk jar with the white acrylic paint.  (I found a satin, multi surface acrylic paint and I gave the jar two coats.)

Next, paint the top 20% of your jar with the gold paint.

Now for the poka dots I took the hard plastic end of my paint brush and dipped it in the paint and then dotted it on the jar.  I did heavier dotting closer to the gold and then kept spreading the dots out further to give it a confetti like appearance.

milk glass 3

Lastly, I sprayed the jar with a protective spray to help prevent chipping.

milk glass 5

Just think how cute these would look as centerpieces at a 50th wedding anniversary, Oscar party or even New Years Eve party?!?!  And with gold as one of the accent colors, the list of flower possibilities is endless.

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