Yep!  June is National Dairy Month, and here on the Wallpe farm, we LOVE our dairy.  I’m not just saying that because we farm; this was a dairy farm for 40 years.  Steve, his dad, and at various times the rest of his family milked Holstein cows.  I knew the back end of every milk cow on the lot as we spent a lot of our “courting time” chatting in the milk house while Steve milked the girls.  Even though the dairy cows sold right before we were married, we still keep a candle burning for those lovely girls.  In fact, when our girls were old enough, they began their time in the 4-H beef barn showing dairy steers and one beloved heifer named Lady Bug.

Hannah and Lady Bug 8 x 10  Red Holstein

I especially like this one of two younger calves in the pen helping each other clean up after being bottle fed.

There's nothing wrong with sharing slurpies among friends.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing slurpies among friends.

Here in Benton County, Indiana we have two dairies, and The Benton Dairy is right down the road from us.  That translates in to about ten miles ;-)

Benton Dairy



A bit further up the road in Jasper County, our neighbor to the north,  is a dairy that is rapidly gaining regional and national fame: The Fair Oaks Dairy.


We love taking the kids up for their tours of a working dairy farm, AND they have a new hog farm tour that we need to go check out this summer.

dsc_0770LOVE their cheese!



And this is the newest product from Fair Oaks is Fairlife milkuntitled-1


Tink had been having some digestive issues, and I remembered hearing about this milk at one of our RFOA workshops with Indiana Dairy.  It is super high in protien, 13 g., and calcium, 370 mg., low in sugars, only 6 g., and is Lactose FREE.  After just two weeks of using this milk, we have seen a huge improvement in her digestion!


So here’s to June, National Dairy Month!  We always have milk and dairy in our house.  Like we say here in Indiana, Winners Drink Milk!


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