It’s ice cream month and watermelon month. Two of the yummiest things you can have on a warm summer day. To celebrate I rounded up some of my favorite recipes from my bloggy friends and my Pinterest faves. These are recipes you will definitely want to try on a hot and humid day.

This peach ice cream from Sara at Sara’s House is too delicious to pass up!



I have a nephew who can’t have eggs. So, I loved this recipe from SavorySweetLife. It’s pretty basic and simple!


This recipe from Lemons For Lulu is on my “try as soon as possible” list. And when you read about the ooey gooey goodness of this it will go on your list ASAP too.


And not to leave out the watermelons this month, I have to throw in a few fun recipes for that too. mixes sorbet and watermelon. This recipe is DELICOUS! And it has four ingredients- my kind of simple.



And because we love all things lemonade in our house that means watermelon qualifies. This is the recipe I use from Cooking Classy and I love- minus the mint. And sometimes I add a touch more lemon.



Be sure to suppose your dairy farmers and produce farmers this month by trying out your favorite ice cream recipes and enjoying that juicy watermelon at your Sunday gatherings!





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