The weather here in Indiana has been quite gloomy for the last month.  I’m starting to get a bit discouraged.  I hate to complain when there are farmers who desperately need rain, but we have had too much.  Farms in the northern part of the state have had 34 inches in the last month!  Luckily, the flowers on our patio are in full bloom, which helps brighten the days a little.  I have a ton of butterflies this year also, which I love!  I broke out my close-up lenses the last sunny day we had and snapped a few pictures.

2015 07 05_5317blog

2015 07 05_5306blog

2015 07 05_5305blog

2015 07 05_5302blog

2015 07 05_5301blog

2015 07 05_5300blog

2015 07 01_5335blog

2015 07 01_5339blog

2015 07 01_5338blog





If the weather conditions are gloomy where you live, I hope you find something that brightens your day!






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  • Carol Williams

    Wow, what great shots!! You are very skilled– and it looks like you have a really good camera. :)