One of our absolute favorite things to do in our house is sensory play. My daughter loves it when she wakes up to a new box in her sensory table. Her favorite bases to the sensory bins are always, always the messiest ones we own. And I have found that summer time is pretty amazing because I can plop the bin outside on our back deck and she can go to town on the thing, with  minimal clean up from Mom!

Sensory play can be so, so simple. You can gather up the things you already have in your home. Some great bases that you may have already in your pantry- rice, beans, cooked pasta, uncooked pasta, cereals, sugar, or flour.

I have to say that my favorite bins to make are the Fall bins. I just love being able to use our own grain right from the grain bins out back. Or even right as we combine it from the field; I climb up the semi and grab a 5 gallon pail of corn.

Typically the tub I use in our sensory table is a bit bigger than the one in these pictures. Recently, I had some inquiries about whether or not I would make some bins to sell, so I created a big bin for our sensory table and then I basically created a “mini” version in a smaller tub for anyone that is interested.

Both of these Fall bins have corn as a base. I wanted something vibrant in color, so I went with corn instead of soybeans.


A base to the sensory bin is typically your messy part. It’s something the kids can really get their hands in, or feet if your tub is big enough! For the first bin I went with more of the Fall items. Like leaves, acorns, pinecones, and since we are working on our letters I spelled out Fall in fun letters. I also included a scoop and bowl. This is the part kids typically love. Scooping and filling things. Or scooping into a funnel. Also another favorite in our house.

For the second bin I wanted more of a farm theme. Kids also love driving things through bases. And our daughter loves putting her toy tractors into pretty much every bin I make!


If you find yourself loving the look of this yellow corn, check out your local farm store, seed store, feed store, anything that sells bird seeds and you can probably find some corn- squirrels love it!

Do your kiddos love sensory play? I am always looking for new ideas, so I would love to hear some of yours!

"Morgan from Stories Of A First Generation Farm Wife"

I am a First Generation Farm Wife living in Eastern South Dakota. I love blogging, raising cattle, working alongside my husband, and being a stay at home Mommy to our little girl!