How often do you order a pizza?  Weekly.  Monthly.  Yearly.  Last year I can tell you that my family ate pizza 21 times.  I know this because I canned my own pizza sauce and put up 21 jars and my canning pantry is now empty.  Yes, I make my own pizza sauce and pizza dough and save lots of time and money by doing so.  I’ve found a recipe that my family really likes and tastes very similar to what you’d get delivered.  What I am amazed by and sharing with you today is how much money we saved this past year by doing so.

RFOA pizza

I did a little bit of research and found out that in 2014 the average price an American paid for a Pizza was $13.12  Now I know you can buy the frozen ones in the grocery store a lot cheaper and I know some of you use coupons, or get the $5 hot and ready, take-and-bake, etc. etc.  But for a starting point, lets say you pay $13.12 for one pizza.  And, lets say you eat pizza twenty times a year.  That’s $262.40 a year you are spending.

I grow our tomatoes in the garden and make my own pizza sauce and can it.  (There are a number of recipes on pinterest you can peruse through to find one your family would like.)  Now. you may be thinking… I don’t have time to can pizza sauce.  I can tell you as a mom of two toddlers I canned 20 jars of sauce during two nap times on two different days. When you think about it that’s only 4 hours of work and you could do it over a weekend.  So your sauce is virtually free or costs a few cents per jar depending on the spices and other ingredients you may use to make it.

Then I make my own pizza dough.  Here is a link to the recipe I use as it calls for some flour, water, oil, sugar, salt and yeast.  These are all relatively inexpensive items to buy so lets say it cost me 50 cents to make my dough.  Now all I have to buy is cheese and the toppings.

So if you think about it the sauce is free the dough costs just cents to make and the costs of your other ingredients….

Pizza Sauce                                                          FREE

Bag of Cheese                                                      $2.50

package of Pepperoni                                        $1.00

the flour and yeast (for dough)                        $ .50


Total:                                                                     $4.00

So we eat pizza 20 times a year for $80.  That’s a savings of $182.40

Now just think of all the bread sticks we could buy with that. 

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