Just because we live on a beef farm doesn’t mean we don’t help out the other meat producers when we can, and we love our chicken, turkey and pork around here!  This recipe can be created with any of those mentioned cuts of meat, but for today, we are going to use pork loin cuts.

Let’s back up a minute, though…. Did you know September is National Chicken Month? I love to buy chicken in large quantities, like 16 thighs or 7-8 breasts packaged together.  I think it’s a real money/time saver.  Some of you may argue that it’s more expensive to buy the chicken cut up, and I’m pretty sure my Grandma Lyons always bought her chickens whole….well that is if she bought them.  Back in the day, she had her own chicken coop, as did about everyone else.   She might cringe a bit at the thought of her youngest granddaughter buying pre-cut, skinless chicken, but I do love the time saved, and I watch for sales at my local grocery stores to stock up on our favorite cuts.  Never fear, though, Grandma.  I can still cut up a whole chicken just the way you taught me!

Now, Let’s cook some easy-peasy yummy pork loin, and remember, if turkey or chicken is at a better price point, this recipe will absolutely work with those two meats.  One quick money-saving pork idea I use is to buy a whole loin, take it home, and cut it into inch-thick slices.  I’m sure your butcher would also cut it for you if you would like.  This tip usually can feed a family of four for $5.00 of meat!


What I love most about this recipe from Ursala Armstrong’s recipe is that I only need THREE INGREDIENTS!!!!  That pushed this recipe right up to the top for me.  To serve four people, you will need 4 skinless chicken breasts, 1 8oz. tub of garlic and herb cream cheese spread, and 8 slices of bacon.

Flatten each piece of meat between wax paper.




Spread each flattened piece of meat with cream cheese, and roll it up.




Wrap 2 slices of bacon around the rolled up meat,


and secure with toothpicks.


Place on the grill or a grill pan on medium heat.


Cook, turning occasionally, until golden, and juices run clear, about 20-25 minutes.

POOF!  You are done!

With everyone in the farm world getting ready to head to the fields for harvest, this recipe will be making its way to my table in the very near future.

Enjoy, and please as you are traveling, keep an eye out for tractors, trucks, combines, and other equipment sharing the roads with you as farmers are out early and late to bring in this year’s crops.  Every man and woman in the cab is someone’s mother/father, sister/brother, wife/husband, grandma/grandpa, friend, and/or neighbor.

Lana from Walking the Off-Beaten Path

Jill of many trades trying to master them all. After teaching high school English for 18 years, I changed my life to become a farm wife in northwestern Indiana and mom to Tink and Bear.