Unfortunately hay season is long gone.  Harvest is pretty much finished also and we are busily preparing for winter, but I still wanted to talk hay equipment in this segment that we call What is it? on Real Farmwives of America.

Normally when you are driving down the road and see farmers baling hay, you see a tractor with a baler behind it and a wagon with usually one or two people on the wagon stacking bales.  Sometimes there isn’t even a wagon behind the baler and they bales land on the ground for someone to pick up later…one by one.  Or, there may only be one piece of equipment behind the tractor that makes big round bales or square bales(they are actually square, but who’s judging!)

This year we invested in this handy dandy little machine called a hay accumulator.  It’s not really little, but it sounded good.

2015 06 11_5403 copy

I know it’s a little hard to see in the photos, but it basically puts 15 bales all together in one neat square.  Then the skid loader comes along with an attachment and picks them all up at once and stacks them on a wagon.  So, there’s no need to have 10 people to help bale hay.  My father-in-law drives the baler, my husband picks up the bales with the skid loader and loads them on a wagon behind a truck, and your’s truly drives the truck.

Here is a picture of how they are loaded onto the wagon.


2015 06 11_5402 copy

Unfortunately, those bales still have to be unloaded by hand.  We don’t have a contraption for that yet;)

Here’s a video that shows how it all works.

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  • Bridget Weast

    I have often gazed longingly at hay accumulators at the farm equipment shows. We aren’t where we can afford one yet and so every one of our square bales must be picked up and stacked by hand and then restacked in the barn. Luckily, we have a few family members that will help sometimes, but it is still a huge task.
    I wish I could post a picture on here.